Gingersnaps Sale

gingersnaps sale

Fire Power

The husband will definitely stay home on Sunday morning. And I will have to do all the chores by myself while he is busy watching TV. God bless Pacquiao!

fire power

Ondoy, etc.

Many of our countrymen lost their homes when Typhoon Ondoy hit our country. Others even lost their loved ones. Because of this, many have been aware and became extra precautious every time a typhoon has been forecasted to hit us. We are one of those lucky people who was not been affected by the previous typhoon. My in-laws though are not spared as flood entered their homes. My husband was with them during those time while I was waiting home with a newborn and a toddler praying for his safety. Until now, the flood hasn’t subsided yet. With such experience, we have been thinking of getting Real Property Management.