18th of December

Exactly one year ago, I blindly create this blog. I had ups and downs with this baby, plus the hiatus for several times. There were times I thought I’ll quit. This has been my sanctuary in the online world. This makes me sane during office hours. This has been a witness of my roller coaster of emotions. The happy and sad times, I was able to share here. Whatever I write, this is what you can get from me. I’ve been literally transparent to what I am here. (That includes grammatical errors. *grin*)
Today, I mark the first anniversary of this baby. More years to come!

Snake in the office

My boss messaged me just few minutes ago. There's a snake inside our room. Apparently, since we have issues of other people here in the company who blogs while at work, we blocked all blog sites. This I have been ranting several months ago. The turn of events has made me able to go back to blogging several times.

Going back to my boss, he was told by our manager that if we were the ones who blog, why should we block the others. After this, he heard this certain snake giving comments about blogging yesterday. My boss is now sure who gives that information to our manager.

The snake is really annoying. Why wouldn't he see himself who just surf and sleep at work. Don't you think somebody should tell the manager of what he does? It's kinda unfair to our group since I am the only one who blogs, I am the only one who is affected.

I don't want to give up on blogging. This is my only avenue to release my stress and what nots.

I wouldn't be shocked if one time, my boss will tell me to stop scrapbooking as he often see me doing one whenever I don't have task to do.

It only means one thing, wherever we are, there will always be a snake around.

The year I was born

In 1983 (the year you were born)

Ronald Reagan is president of the US

Sally Ride becomes the first American woman to travel in space

Marines are killed when a TNT laden suicide terrorists blows up Marine headquarters at Beirut International Airport

US Marines and Rangers invade the island of Grenada and evacuate hundreds of US citizens

The Soviets shoot down Korean Airlines flight 007

The Internet Domain Name System was invented by Paul Mockapetris

Ronald Wilson Reagan signs a bill creating Martin Luther King Day

Baltimore Orioles win the World Series

Washington Redskins win Superbowl XVII

New York Islanders win the Stanley Cup

Return of the Jedi is the top grossing film

"Every Breath You Take" by The Police spends the most time at the top of US charts

The A-Team and Webster premiere

Swamped with work

I’ve been extremely busy the past few days. Our boss in Geneva asked us to generate a report from all the Ipanema reports we received last November. It’s next to impossible as the alerts we received were one thousand plus. We need to check the time stamp of each alert, the site and the application. Gawd! The task was given just this Monday and he expect to us to deliver the report tomorrow. We could have done this if we don’t have other tasks such as our RT system, Notes, PABX and local network support. It’s been a hell of a week. I’m so stressed. Need to go now as I also have to check on online university for adult students. Luck is one my side as I have stumbled upon Capella University.

“This (or “the following”) blog post was (or “is”) based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit Blogitive.com.”

Twilight addiction

Ok, so much for my addiction to Twilight. Just finished the four books (all e-books) plus the draft of Midnight Sun (I am so bitin with the draft, honestly).

Twilight New Moon Eclipse Breaking Dawn

I can’t get over the characters so I plan to get this one once it’s available again at Powerbooks.

Twilight Saga Collection

Meanwhile, I so felt kawawa lurking the net for photos of Twilight as I haven’t had time to watch the movie.

To do's this weekend

Saturday will be spent in the office. We will finish the network directory in the morning and we might have a training for the new proxy in the afternoon. There are a lot of issues here at work - projects for next year, moving of office to a different location, etc etc. I might not be able to squeeze time for a movie date with Jhong at Rockwell. Next weekend perhaps. I must see Twilight by hook or by crook. Argh!

Sunday will be spent at home watching the Pacquiao - Dela Hoya match. We even have a bet of who's going to win. He roots for Pacquiao as always, while I root for Dela Hoya. One thing is for sure, I won't get kilig of seeing Dela Hoya unlike before when I was still in High School. LOL! After the fight, we'll visit Kuya at Loyola. Joshua will be having a grand time running around for sure. Need to prepare few shirts for him as he will surely sweat a lot. We might go to my inlaws afterwards then head off to Santana Grove for dinner before calling it a day.


Have a great weekend!

I can't resist

I am loving my BDJ 2009 planner to bits. I promised to maximize its use the same way I am using my SB 2008 planer.


DSC01377 DSC01378

Blame it all to the husband who uses SB as bribe whenever we fight. He knows I can't resist it, I'm super babaw. Now, we (Joshua and I) are getting addicted to it. Dark Cherry Mocha for me and Chocolate Cream Chip for the little boy.



I’ve got a lot of things that wanted to post. Too many that I don’t know which one should I post first. Everyone is still gloomy at home, most especially the husband after the death of his brother. I, on the other hand, have a lot of issues to face in the office. No, it’s not about me but about the projects for next year. We’ll be having a meeting by next week for this. I’m not in night shift anymore though I am still adjusting for the new schedule. Just imagine, just for this week, I’ve been late for twice already. Argh!

There are a lot of things in my mind as this year ends. Plans for next year that I still hope will push through. A lot of plans for next year won’t push through after what happened just a couple of weeks ago, I just hope we can still have a 3-day vacation either in Bohol or in Bora or Palawan maybe. Our plan of having another baby next year won’t push through too. I have one condition to the husband before getting pregnant again. My surname should change first before the second baby, hahaha!

Many have been rejoicing for all the extra non-working holiday aside from me. We still need to go to the office. The Christmas and New Year is still a holiday, of course.

This would be extra moolah for me this January. Very, very timely for our fifth anniversary. I plan to give him a photo book as a gift but I haven’t started anything yet. I also want to try Massage Pour Deux at The Spa.

So much for now as I still need to research for something. I just got a text message from the husband asking if I can look for articles about 5.11 Tactical for my sister-in-law who is waiting for the result of her bar exam.

It’s the time of the year

It's the Christmas season once again. This means time to go crazy shopping. We love to buy gifts for our god children, family members, friends, and relatives. We'll then wrap them up with colorful papers with matching cards. We'll give the gifts on Christmas day and their eyes will lit with joy - the most wonderful sight of this season. The sight will make you forget about the expenses and the pains before you can lay your hand to a specific gift intended for each person. Yes, this is the time of the year when everyone is in their happiest self giving gifts. After the season, prepare yourself to see your credit card bill. Oh no, time to get out of debt.

Spot the difference

Joshua had his haircut after a sporting a very messy do for quite some time now.

DSC02846 DSC02850

Papa Alex

I was busy two weeks ago when my BIL died. He died the day of my dad's despedida. I felt guilty of not being able to attend the party. I know my dad understands. The next day, I make sure I was able to go with my family to the airport then off we went to Holy Trinity for the wake.

Papa, you take good care of yourself. See you in 2010.

SpitzTunes Without a Cause

Spitz speaks ... start ove, satisfy, ideas, rebellion, smokin' guitars ... who the heck knew that Red Hot Chill Peppers are a bunch of light bulbs!?


Inspired by Tita Lai's post here. However, like what I told her, I won't be posting my wishlist here. Besides no one would dare buy those things, LOL! Instead, I'd be posting my wishlist for Joshua. Calling all Ninangs and Ninongs out there. Harharhar! If you need additional infos like his size, feel free to contact me. Hehehe!

Come on! Allow me to daydream for once.

1. My First LeapPad Books

My First LeapPad Book Ratatouille My First LeapPad Educational Book Cars
2. Aquadoodle Doodle Wall Mat

Aquadoodle Doodle Wall Mat
3. Aquadoodle Travel Doodle

Aquadoodle Travel Doodle
4. Vtech V.Smile Enhanced TV Learning System

Vtech V.Smile Enhanced TV Learning System

1. Crocs Kids Scutes

crocs kids scutes
2. Crocs Kids Santa Cruz

crocs kids santa cruz
3. Crocs Kids Baya

crocs kids baya
4. Havaianas Baby Brazil


I prefer tops with skulls and punk graphics.

About You ... dNeero-ites

This convo is specifically about you ... remember when you joined dNeero we presented you with the "Get it going with dNeero" convo ... users asked many wonderful questions, so the following convo is an extension of that convo that includes many of the user questions ... and to qualify for this convo, you must have already joined 15 others ... keep asking those great user questions that challenge your fellow dNeero-ites to exclaim "I hadn't thought about that!"

Engage With Grace

In Alexandra Drane's words, we need to "start talking. Engage With Grace: The One Slide Project was designed with one simple goal: to help get the conversation about end of life experience started. The idea is simple: Create a tool to help get people talking. One Slide, with just five questions on it. Five questions designed to help get us talking with each other, with our loved ones, about our preferences."

Dear Kuya

Time really flies so fast. We last saw you in Shopwise telling us that you have flu again. You didn’t even allow Joshua to go near you as he might catch your virus. We never thought that was the last time we will ever see you.

I can vividly remember the dreadful days – the six short days you battled for your life. The night you drove yourself to the hospital. The night we received a text from Kuya Oliver that you were in the ICU. The morning Jojo rushed to the hospital as you were already in the 50-50 state. The day you were transferred to Asian Hospital. The good news that you’re BP is okay. The text message I got from Jojo telling me to go to Asian as he needs someone to comfort him. The news that your body doesn’t accept any medicines anymore. The doctor’s question to Sharon if we are a Catholic. The hour we fetch your daughter Ally from school. The call from Sharon telling us that you are gone.

Everything was so brief. You didn’t even show signs that you are going. There are a lot of regrets from us. There are a lot of if only in our mind but it wouldn’t matter anymore. We have whole hearted set you free as we know are you being comforted by God’s embrace. You will never feel pain anymore.

Even in my short encounter with you, there’s a big spot for you in my heart. I cannot express how much I have been grateful for what you have done to us. I may be only new in the family, but I saw how good a person you are. If not because of you, Jojo, Mama, Ate Maricel and Nene would not have a lived a comfortable life. If not because of you, we could have suffered when I gave birth to Joshua. If not because of you, Joshua could not have been in tip top shape when he gets ill.

You have been a good doctor not just in the family but everyone you held your clinic. There isn’t anything else we hear but how good you are as a doctor, as a friend and as a person. It’s sad though that you won’t see Ging, Ally and Kean grow. It’s sad though that Kean will only see you in videos and pictures.

Rest in peace now Kuya. Thank you for everything. We love you dearly.

kuya dennis

   Dr. Dennis A. Moldez
Sept 13, 1971 - Nov. 21, 2008

Rob Pattinson ... Bite Me ... Please!

When it comes to "Twilight," the question isn't whether the teen vampire movie is any good, but whether the hero, Edward Cullen, is as magical as we want him to be. Edward is brooding and sensitive ... and thanks to Pattinson's furrowed eyebrows, crooked smiles and carefully crafted hairstyles, he delivers just the Edward we've been waiting for.

Spitz Tunes Now

He'll will host a weekly convo that will bring the old to the new ... he'll provide some facts, he'll ask about the present, he'll get us thinking, wondering, explaining ... and it all revolves around music ... and most importantly, he's looking for your questions -- so have at it, and have fun, and talk to Spitz!!

It's been a while

It's been a while since my last post. The past few days was chaotic, stressful, and painful. Before I narrate what had happen, I need first to look for a Football web tv. I heard Carlsberg web-tv launched a new one. The video clips can be found at www.partofthegame.tv. I guess football fanatics woudl surely love this.

We need your prayers

Hubby has been completely emotionally down for the past two weeks.
At first, his older sister had flu.
She was rushed to the hospital after two days.
She had dengue na pala.

Then just right when his sister was about to be discharge, his brother (the pedia) had flu as well.
He drag himself to the hospital and found out that he, too, has dengue.

At writing, hubby is constantly texting me to pray for his brother.
He doesn't want to think that it's a 50/50 situation.
Though the case is something serious.
The brother is currently in the ICU.

Their whole family is in the hospital now.
Well, except for me who is at work and the little boy who is snoring beside my parents.

Please help me pray for his speedy recovery.
It pains me to see hubby in pain.

*At this writing, the brother was transferred to Asian Hospital.
He is still inside the ICU undergoing dialysis.
He had CT scan as well as one of his eyes doesn't respond anymore.

FIL went to Sto Niño church in Muntinlupa to ask for a mass for the brother.
He lost words when he saw the list is full.
Guess who's name is on the list?
The brother. (I think those were from his patients.)
We were very touched.

I am in search for B+ blood.
The hospital doesn't accept blood from Red Cross.
The hospital is very, very specific (and maarte, I guess).

Twilight Saga

Gawd! I can't help myself with this Twilight Saga. Would you believe I just started last week and I'm done with Eclipse. I'm thinking of starting Breaking Dawn tonight but I might end up bitin. I get so kilig picturing Edward. Now, this addiction is a little secret with the husband. Harharhar! He might kill me when he reads this, LOL! Anyways, this is just a mere fantasy hubby.

You'd still be my Edward. Bwahaha!

Tell Me Something I Don't Know

On The Chris Matthews Show, November 16th Chris Matthews leads with: "`It's not my job.' We've got a financial Katrina on our hands. Recession and layoffs are pouring through the floodgates, and nobody's in charge. Bush looks retired, Barack Obama's not president. So who's protecting us?
"Mandate for change? When Reagan and Bush won, they charged ahead with a conservative vision. Will Obama do what Reagan and Bush did, do it big and bold no matter how tough the times? The Democrats are in the driver's seat. Shouldn't they drive?"
The panelists:
-- Michele Norris hosts "All Things Considered" on National Public Radio.
-- Howard Fineman is senior Washington correspondent for Newsweek.
-- Erin Burnett anchors"Squawk on the Street" and "Street Signs" on CNBC.
-- Michael Duffy's assistant managing editor of Time magazine.

Getting addicted

to Twilight Series. I got interested when I saw Abie's post about it. I downloaded e-books of the whole series. I got the time to read Twilight though just last night. Argh! I got hooked immediately. I'm in the middle of Whole Moon now and hopefully I got to finish this before my shift ends. Gawd! I can't even sleep because of this. Hahaha!

I'm itching to look for spoiler over the net if Bella will be a vampire soon but I'm resisting the urge. Bwahaha! I've got to see the movie by hook or by crook.

*Bummer, I wasn't able to go to Richwell Sale as I was in dreamland this afternoon. The husband didn't woke me up. I got envy with Jody's loots though my kid is a boy. I just hope I can still have time to go there. Anyways, the sale will be up to December 23.

Sports Clothing - Where? When?

A more sporty, casual approach to clothing is permeating our lives ... remember when athletic shoes, were for, well, athletics? ... did you ever wear Chick Taylor's outside of the gym ... then came the sports shoe craze ... is high-performance fitness/sports clothing going to follow? Seems to be making some in roads.

Yes, we did!

The U.S. Presidential Election is over ... he did it ... Barack Obama won! What did editorials across the world say, imply, question, disparage, hope, ...?

Richwell Sale

Christmas Sale Kids Kraze '08
Up to 80% off on branded toys, clothes and shoes

Mark your calendar on November 14-15, 21-22, 28-30 and December 5-7, 12-14, 19-23.
Open from 9am to 6pm on weekends (Sat & Sun) and 1pm to 6pm on weekdays (Mon to Fri).

Cash basis only.

Happy Happy Happy

Yes, I am indeed one happy gal this night. As many of you guys knew, mababaw lang ang kaligayahan ko, LOL!

Arrived in the office and a package is waiting for me. It's my 2009 Belle de Jour Power Planner. When I open it, should I say, I fell inlove with it. Iba pala talaga ang feeling when you see it in person rather than seeing it sa web.

Then while I was reading my mails, I saw an email with the subject Christmas Sale. Yeehaa! Richwell is doing another sale. Come on, this is the time to shop and shop for the little boy's loots this Christmas. May benefit din pala ang pagiging night shift ko as I can go to the warehouse sale during weekdays. I am pretty sure it'll be jampacked during weekends and hubby might not come with me. Wala akong tagabitbit pag nagkataon.

What a nice way to end the week. Happy weekend everyone!


That's all. I totally freak out when I saw the nude photo of Katrina Halili and Hayden Kho. You may see what I was referring at the
Belo Medical Group official site.

Zoo - You're animals!

In addition to their status as tourist attractions and recreational facilities, modern zoos may engage in captive breeding programs, conservation study, and educational outreach.


Marks the day of the race for the much coveted Starbucks planner. I haven't had a glimpse of it though I am itching to see it soon.

I haven't had a decent sleep. I only had two straight hours of sleep. Gawd! Until when will I be like this?

I'm itching to lay my hands for the BDJ planner that will arrive this week.

Movies Stuff

Movies touch a cord in most of us ... drama, comedy, suspense, romance, sports, documentary ... you name it ... the following questions just keep the conversation going!


Pardon me if I wasn't able to update this blog for a couple of weeks now. I've been stressed the past few weeks as the little boy wasn't home. Call it separation anxiety. The little boy seems to have a grand time there as he was always in a hurry whenever I call. This makes me cry.

They spent a week there and they arrived just this Saturday night. I totally freaked out when I heard the little boy cough so hard that we went to his uncle pedia the very next morning. Of course, we were scolded by hubby's brother.His cough was on and off the past few months that we even had an x-ray to check if the little boy has problems with his lungs. Apparently, there were none.

We spent the day in Festival Mall for the little boy's Pixie Forest treat. Afterwards, we head to Mercury Drug to buy his medicines and nebulizer. Good thing, the little boy takes his medicines without tantrums. The nebulizer is another issue though. Our room looks like a hospital's private room with his medicines, nebulizer and few snacks on our night table.

I just hope the little boy gets well soon.

On the other hand, I am in night shift again. I dread this month. I set my mind that this shift will end soon.

Credit Unions are CREDIT-able

Right for the times? "A credit union is a cooperative financial institution that is owned and controlled by its members, and operated for the purpose of promoting thrift, providing credit at reasonable rates, and providing other financial services to its members." (Wikipedia)

Credit Unions are CREDIT-able

Right for the times? "A credit union is a cooperative financial institution that is owned and controlled by its members, and operated for the purpose of promoting thrift, providing credit at reasonable rates, and providing other financial services to its members." (Wikipedia)

Tell Me Something I Don't Know (Sun, Oct 19, 2008)

On the on The Chris Matthews Show, October 19th topics were: Can McCain rescue his campaign as the economy sinks? Who benefits as McCain and Obama question each other's character?

The panelists:
-- Mark Whitaker, NBC News, Washington Bureau Chief
-- Katty Kay, BBC Washington Correspondent
-- Kathleen Parker, Washington Post, Writers Group Columnist
-- Andrew Sullivan, The Atlantic Senior Editor.

Basic Wine Stuff

Wine is used for drinking, tasting, collecting, cooking, and in religious ceremonies. It is becoming more and more popular, and even has been reported to help with your health.

Let's Talk About Cars

Autos are a means of getting from one place to another, a place in themselves, a right of passage, a status symbol, a monthly payment, and a mouth to feed.

Which one to choose?

Yesterday, I was contemplating of whether to get the Starbucks 2009 Planner or the Belle de Jour 2009 Power Planner. I was noting points of which one to get before I can decide.

Starbucks Planner
• I haven’t seen it.
• It’ll be my third planner from them, if ever.
• I need to consume 20+ fraps before I can get it, which means I need to spend roughly 3k to get it.

Belle de Jour Planner
• First time to have one, if ever
• I like the cover
• Cost is only P598

But then again, hubby reminded me of my supposedly diet because of what I posted here. So, he advised me to get the Belle de Jour. When I heard the go signal, I immediately reserved one.

Yehey! I am so excited to hold my very first Belle de Jour. Be an IT girl too!

Tell Me Something I Don't Know

October 12th, on The Chris Matthews Show, Chris asks his roundtable to "Tell Me Something I Don't Know" ... this weeks roundtable: Gloria Borger of CNN Howard Fineman of Newsweek Cynthia Tucker of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution David Ignatius of The Washington Post

In borderline

Our company’s annual PE results were released yesterday. I knew there was something wrong with my results right there and then when our nurse called me up and told me to go to the clinic. I never thought that mine was something serious – that is based on how I perceived what the doctor told me. I need to strictly go on a diet, not because I’m getting bigger but because I’m already in the border line. I am in the border line of my uric acid count and sugar level count. Not to count, they already saw kidney stones forming. I immediately texted hubby and told him “I’m dying!” Harharhar!

I need to cut my sweets. I need to cut my protein in-take. I need to drink water, water and more water!

I just need to strictly follow the diet advised to me just for two months so that I can enjoy the holiday. This is killing me already, LOL!

Jewellery for everyone

If dogs are men’s best friend, diamonds are women’s best friend. I wonder if there are women out there who’s not fond of jewellery. Holsted Jeweller who was founded in 1971 has provided exclusively designed jewellery, gifts and accessories to millions of customers who have been proved to be satisfied with the products. Their success lies in their secret of adhering to strict quality-assurance guidelines that has been an assurance to their valuable customers that every item they have has been created to the highest standards, then has been inspected twice before delivery. One of the few that has been best selling to them are costume jewelry. They understand that all women wants to be fashionable. Their wide assortment varies from tried-and-true classics to cutting-edge designs. No matter what one’s taste or budget is, there is something for everyone. And since the beautiful items are not available in any retail store, you can rest easy knowing that the sensational look you choose is a true fashion find! Wear it to believe it.

He's affected?

We were watching Stuart Little 2 last night and the first few scenes makes Joshua thrilled. He makes kwento of what happened as if we weren't there watching it. Hehehe!

Everything changed when he saw Margalo which he calls "Ming-ming too." I'm telling you, he's addicted to Wonderpets that he calls animals that looks almost like Ming-ming as "Ming-ming too." Fast forward, he started crying when Falcon gets Margalo. I heard him saying "Wawa Ming-ming too!" (poor Ming-ming too), and hubby and I started to giggle. Few minutes after, I saw tears in his eyes. He really was crying. After the movie, he was still sobbing until he falls asleep.

Did he understand the story? Did he really got affected with Margalo? Oh my, he's really a big boy, don't you think?

Fall 2008 TV: dNeero-ites want to know

Many, many good questions from dNeero-ites about TV shows and viewing habits ... '24', House, genre, time, hi-def ... we'll do more in future convos.

To send him or not

In five months time, the little boy will turn three. I guess it's not too early but I'm already contemplating whether to send him to school or not next year. See, he's been turning into a brat. He wails everytime we don't give in to what he wants. He has been the boss everytime we are home. He does it too when we are out.

Now, I was thinking of sending him to school. I'm thinking he needs playmates. He needs to learn how to socialize. Maybe, that could change his attitude. I'm hoping...

The schools that I've been shortlisting are:
1. OB Montessori Las Piñas
2. San Beda College Alabang
3. PAREF Southridge
4. ICA Parañaque.

I need to start inquiring about how much the tuition fee ranges. I need to prepare our finances for next year.

Hubby says if we can afford it, I say we will afford it.

Positive thinking don't you think? Yes, I'll do whatever to send him to a good school. That's all I can afford.

Tatlong Dekada

I pray the weather cooperates tomorrow.

We will be at Luneta Grandstand to celebrate three decades of God's faithfulness to His people. Join us as we celebrate JIL 30th anniversary.

Fall TV Season Has Begun

We're roughly two weeks in to the new Fall TV Season. What have we seen? What do we like?

My little boy is sick

Again... For the nth time...

I swear, this is already freaking me out. His cough has been on and off for the past month and his uncle pedia has advised us to have his chest x-rayed to see if there are any infections.

Were scheduled to have it tomorrow. I wish the little boy cooperates.

U.S. Presidential Politics ... OMG!

McCain and Obama clashed over taxes, war and the economy in the first of three debates. The financial crisis shifted the initial focus from foreign to domestic issues.

Left behind

I was enjoying life.

But lately, with the course of events that happened to me, I am often left asking what have I done wrong to be in this place. I felt I am left behind. I am left behind.

It breaks my heart. This isn't about my family. This isn't about my friends... This is about me. Of who I am. Of what I am.

I never felt so small in my entire life but now...
I am left behind. By everyone. By time.

I want to surrender but I know somebody still believes in me. Somebody still needs me.

I pity myself. I am crying out loud.
I am left behind.

I learned

To finally accept that if it's not meant to be
No matter how hard you try to reach it
You will never be successful on it.

I'm trusting HIM.. I know HE has better plans for me.

Windy Alternative

One of the fastest growing segments of the power sector, wind generation capacity is expected to more than double between 2006 and 2011 worldwide.

Run for the Impressions!

A Visual Talking "Run for the Impressions!" bonus ... $1,000 total ... we want you to be one of the lucky ones!!

Products with Melamine

You may want to know. This are the list of products tested by Centre for Food Safety in HongKong as has been detected to contain melamine. For the complete list, check here.

1. White Rabbit creamy candies
Manufacturer: Shanghai GuanSheng Yuan Food General Factory
Address: 220 Cao Bao Road, Shanghai

2. Natural Choice Yogurt Flavoured Ice Bar with Real Fruit
Manufacturer: Shanghai Yili AB Foods., Ltd
Address: No. 269 Beidou Road, Minhang Zone, Shanghai P.R. of China

3. Yili Super Bean Red Bean Chestnut Ice Bar
Manufacturer: Shanghai Yili AB Foods Co., Ltd
Address: No. 269 Beidou Road, Minhang Zone, Shanghai P.R. of China

4. Yili Bean Club- Matcha red bean ice bar
Manufacturer: Shanghai Yili AB Foods Co., Ltd
Address: No. 269 Beidou Road, Minhang Zone, Shanghai P.R. of China

5. Yili High Calcium Milk Beverage
Manufacturer: Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Co., Ltd.
Address: No.2, Jin 3 Ave, Jinchuan Development Zone, Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, China

6. Yili Bean Club- Red bean milk bar
Manufacturer: Shanghai Yili AB Foods Co., Ltd
Address: No. 269 Beidou Road, Minhang Zone, Shanghai P.R. of China

7. Yili Prestige Chocliz - Dark Chocolate Bar
Manufacturer: Shanghai Yili AB Foods Co., Ltd
Address: No. 269 Beidou Road, Minhang Zone, Shanghai P.R. of China

8. Yili Pure Milk
Manufacturer: Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Co., Ltd.
Address: No.2, Jin 3 Ave, Jinchuan Development Zone, Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, China

9. Yili Pure Milk
Manufacturer: Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Co., Ltd.
Address: No.2, Jin 3 Ave, Jinchuan Development Zone, Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, China

10 Yili High calcium low fat milk beverage
Manufacturer: Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Co., Ltd.
Address: No.2, Jin 3 Ave, Jinchuan Development Zone, Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, China

11. Nestle Dairy Farm UHT Pure Milk 1L (Catering)
Manufacturer: Nestlé Qingdao Limited
Address: Weihai Xi Lu, Laixi City, Qingdao, China

12. Four Seas Cake (Strawberry Flavour)
Sole Agent: Four Seas Mercantile Limited
Address: Four Seas Group Building, No. 1, Hong Ting Road, Sai Kung, Hong Kong

I just wish our own BFAD will release their own list soon. This is really, really scary. We are not buying any dairy products except the little boy's infant formula which, Thank God!, is listed here as one of the products that do not contain melamine.

What's happening to the world?

Ano ba? First, there were issues of lead content sa mga trusted brand of toys. Then the BPA content in most of the well-trusted feeding bottles we have. Now, there's this melamine issue naman with milk. The next thing we know, even diapers will have chemical content na that can be a risk to our kid's health, etc etc.

Wala na talagang safe for kids nowadays. So I guess, just being vigilant is all we can do to have our kids safe. Hay...

Lil photographer

My little boy is... in the making. He always insists to hold our point & shoot camera and snap here and there. Here are some of the pics he had captured. We can't even correct him whenever he shoot as the cam is his, no touching.

DQ lover

I am. But I think there's another one on the way... the little boy. He particularly instructed me to "one two tlee" him (his way to tell me to shoot him) everytime he feeds himself. Believe it or not, he was able to finish the regular size blizzard without my help. Everytime I try to scoop, he'd tell me "Joshua yan." You judge if he's a camwhore in the making now.

Hubby's early Christmas loots

My boss has a contact in the Adidas office and he gave us an info that there's a sale on their office. I informed him to get me two pairs for hubby. Few hours after, he arrived with the shoes I ordered. You won't believe that I bought it in a super duper cheap price. The Superstar1 costs P900+ and the Feishu2 costs P400+ only. Great deal, isn't it?
I won't be buying him any gifts on Christmas na. Hahaha! Paging hubby, where's my Malindi? LOL!

Sunday work

I'm here at the office rendering a half-day OT for a migration of a database that needs our LN support. The little boy and the daddy is in the office too, in the working mom's room. Hehe!

Your Eyes, Your Mind ... Primetime TV - Fall 2008

Settle in, fire it up, enjoy ... Primetime TV (8 -10PM) ... do you watch shows during that time, do you record some and watch others, do you record 'em? it's Primetime because advertisers not only want our eyeballs, but they want our minds ... our minds are there for them to imprint their messages upon ... our minds guide our purchases ... do you feel used, or is it OK for them to pay us by giving us the TV show?

To buy or not?

After seeing my son enjoy the Little Tikes seesaw (or whatever you call it) in his Tito pedia's clinic, I am now thinking of buying one for him. The husband, though, says he is too old to have such.

The husband thought of buying something like this instead.

Now, I’m thinking which one should be the best for the little boy? I already scouted for the price of each and they only differ a few hundred bucks. We are not going to buy this soon though; we are short listing it as one of his Christmas presents.

And Ming-Ming too!

The little boy hasn’t outgrown his addiction to Barney and Spongebob. They still are number one in his fave shows, I guess. Though, he has found another one that caught his attention. He had once caught a glimpse on “Wonderpets” and been singing “And Mingming too!” and “What’s gonna work? Teamwork!” days after.

So to avoid the wailing and pleading “sama work” to me, what I usual does is to allow him to take a bath with me after eating breakfast. I will then give him his milk while he watches the show. While he is stuck watching the show, I am then be busy preparing to work. I was wondering though if there are available VCDs or DVDs of this show. I haven’t seen one yet.

PS. The LSD (last song syndrome) applies to me so I’m caught singing “Wonderpets, wonderpets we’re on our way…” here in the office, LOL!

BPA in feeding bottles - another update

New health risks linked with plastic in bottles

CHICAGO – The first major study of health effects in people from a chemical used in plastic baby bottles, food cans, and a host of other products links it with possible risks for heart disease and diabetes.

It suggests a potential new concern about the safety of bisphenol A, or BPA. And because of the possible public health implications, the results "deserve scientific follow-up," the study authors said.

But the study is preliminary, far from proof that the chemical causes heart disease and diabetes. Two Dartmouth College analysts of medical research said the study raises questions but provides no answers about whether the ubiquitous chemical is harmful.

The findings were released to coincide with the researchers' presentation of their findings at a US Food and Drug Administration scientific advisers' hearing.

The FDA has the power to limit use of BPA in food containers and medical devices, but last month released an internal report concluding that BPA exposure is not enough to warrant action.

Since then, another government agency released a separate report concluding that risks to people, in particular to infants and children, cannot be ruled out.

Past animal studies have suggested reproductive and hormone-related problems from BPA. The new study is the largest to examine possible BPA effects in people and the first suggesting a direct link to heart disease, said scientists Frederick vom Saal and John Peterson Myers, both longtime critics of the chemical.

They wrote an editorial accompanying the study, which was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. Still, they said more rigorous studies are needed to confirm the results.

Vom Saal is a biological sciences professor at University of Missouri who has served as an expert witness and consultant on BPA litigation. Myers is chief scientist at Environmental Health Sciences, a Charlottesville, Virginia, nonprofit group.

BPA is used in hardened plastics in a wide range of consumer goods including food containers, eyeglass lenses and compact discs. Many scientists believe it can act like the hormone estrogen, and animal studies have linked it with breast, prostate and reproductive system problems and some cancers.

Researchers from Britain and the University of Iowa examined a US government health survey of 1,455 American adults who gave urine samples in 2003-04 and reported whether they had any of several common diseases.

Participants were divided into four groups based on BPA urine amounts; more than 90 percent had detectable BPA in their urine.

A total of 79 had heart attacks, chest pain or other types of cardiovascular disease and 136 had diabetes. There were more than twice as many people with heart disease or diabetes in the highest BPA group than in the lowest BPA group. The study showed no connection between BPA and other ailments, including cancer.

No one in the study had BPA urine amounts showing higher than recommended exposure levels, said co-author Dr. David Melzer, a University of Exeter researcher.

Drs. Lisa Schwartz and Steven Woloshin of the Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice said the study presents no clear information about what might have caused participants' heart disease and diabetes.

"Measuring who has disease and high BPA levels at a single point in time cannot tell you which comes first," Schwartz said.

The study authors acknowledge that it's impossible to rule out that people who already have heart disease or diabetes are somehow more vulnerable to having BPA show up in their urine.

"There's a small possibility that there's some other factor that's explaining this and it's not due to BPA itself. We've done everything we can think of to exclude that possibility, but it would be nice to get more direct evidence," Melzer said.

The American Chemistry Council, an industry trade group, said the study is flawed, has substantial limitations and proves nothing.

"As the authors themselves note, they do not conclude that the presence of BPA is causing adverse health effects — they merely noted a statistical association," the group said in a statement.

But Dr. Ana Soto of Tufts University said the study raises enough concerns to warrant government action to limit BPA exposure.

"We shouldn't wait until further studies are done in order to act in protecting humans," said Soto, who has called for more restrictions in the past.

An earlier lab experiment with human fat tissue found that BPA can interfere with a hormone involved in protecting against diabetes, heart disease and obesity. That study appeared online last month in Environmental Health Perspectives, a monthly journal published by the National Institutes of Health.

Government toxicology experts have also studied BPA and recently completed their own report based on earlier animal studies. They found no strong evidence of health hazards from BPA, but said there was "some concern" about possible effects on the brain in fetuses, infants and children.

Several states are considering restricting BPA use, some manufacturers have begun promoting BPA-free baby bottles, and some stores are phasing out baby products containing the chemical. The European Union has said BPA-containing products are safe, but Canada's government has proposed banning the sale of baby bottles with BPA as a precaution.

Snagged here.

No updates... yet

Sorry for not updating my blog. I've been very busy with my laziness, LOL!
You read it right - I don't blog since I don't have the zest yet to blog and blog more. I simply enjoyed lurking on other blogs, though. I'm so tsismosa, that's why. Hihihi!

I wished to go back on blogging soon. I need to earn extra as Christmas is fast approaching.

It's TV Time 2008!

Leno's leaving Tonight, Idol is adding a fourth judge, and there are a bunch of new shows.

Top Five Music

The Top Five shows us the most poular music ... so, what is popular music?
From Wikipedia.com: "Popular music is music belonging to any of a number of musical styles that are accessible to the general public and are disseminated by one or more of the mass media."

Dollar exchange

When my dad arrived last Tuesday, I told him not to exchange his dollars yet. True to my words, the exchange rate of peso to dollar shoot up to P47.95 - $1. I know, I shouldn't be happy as this means bad economy yada yada yada. Gawd! I can't resist, ang sarap magpapalit ng dollars ngayon, LOL!

Shrimp galore

My dad (Papa) arrived in Manila last Tuesday with 7 kilos of shrimp. Imagine, we feasted for two straight nights with it. I also suffered dyspepsia (indigestion) after pigging out. I hated drinking tea but never had the chance to complain when the husband prepared one for me while scolding me not to eat shrimp that much again. I was like a little girl being scolded, I'm telling you. And the little kid was sweet enough to touch my tummy and caress it while I was growling with pain.

I would still eat shrimp, if the husband is not around. Hehehe!

Sickies and their meds

As a mom, we get worried every time our kids became sick. Of course, we’d directly ask our pedia for medicines. But sometimes, I often get hesitant to ask my pedia most especially in the wee hours of the morning. They need sleep too, that I understand. Good thing, the ever reliable Internet is there. What makes life more easy is the free online clinical solution from Epocrates. They have the latest and updated new disease database that includes condition overview and risk factors, treatment approach, tests to order, national medical society guidelines and more. Also, they too have integrated drug reference guide with critical prescribing information on more than 3,300 drugs, including dosing, interactions and health plan coverage. Now, I need to check their site for Augmentin medication description.

“This announcement was paid for by Epocrates.”

Air21 update

Ok, I promised the part 2 of my horrifying experience with Air21.

Come Monday, I expect to arrive in the office with the package received by my colleague. FYI, I reported to work at 1pm. The seller was already following up if I already received the package. The answer was still a big NO!

By 2pm, I called their customer service following up about the items but I received their usual "package is in transit yada yada yada."

By 3pm, I called up again. Once again, I received their usual answers. I was so busy at work then as there are switches in our data center who went down so I wasn't able to focus calling them up every after 30 minutes.

By 4pm, I am already pissed. The items are still not around. I was screaming when I called them up - not so loud as I don't want to make a scene in the office - explaining to the customer service that if they treated the items with urgency, I should have received it. Did I make a point on this? I guess. I know I'm making a point on them. The guy on the other line told me that I'll be receiving the items before 5pm. I counted on his words - well, not really - I just said I'll count on his words.

By 5pm, no signs of the courier. Gawd! I'm so mad at that time. The seller and I were calling them up every hour for the updates. I even asked the names of the courier as I am definete that I'll be filing a complaint once I received the items.

6pm, 7pm, no items arrived. This was the time when there was a heavy downpour of rain. I called them up again and they were asking me if they can drop off the items with the guards on duty as they can't assure me that the items will arrive before 8pm. What?! So this is what they call with urgency, huh? I'll be in the office by 10pm but I told them that I'll be in the office by 8pm only and I demanded to receive the items before 8pm. Sorry is all they can say.

Before 8pm, an OIC from Air21 called by mobile telling me that the courier is already on the way to the building. Half past 8, the items arrived. As I am already stressed with all the buzz that happened with these guys from Air21, I asked the courier to write his name on a piece of paper.

Aba?! Biglang naghugas kamay agad! He told me he wasn't the courier who was assigned in this route and he was just asked to deliver the items to me. Hmp! No, I insisted to write his name.

To date, the seller is asking for an explanation letter from Air21 what transpired last Saturday and Monday.

I was so persistent with this, and I can see you'll all laught at me when you'd learn that the items were simply... BURT BEE'S RES-Q OINTMENT and BEESWAX LIP BALM. I let myself be stressed and fuming mad because of these items. Hahaha!

Papa is coming home

Papa (my dad) who worked in Saudi will be arriving here in Manila tomorrow. I just hope the little boy still remembers him as the last time they were able to bond was when the latter was just six months old. The little boy knows him by name and he talks with him every single day whenever my dad calls my mom. Everytime he hears an airplane, he'd say "Bye bye papa, ingat, ubong ko apple juice." See how simple the little boy's wish is.

Of course, I am teaching him how to ask something else aside from the apple juice, LOL!

PS. I'll be blogging my horrfying experience with Air21 soon.

dNeero-ites want to know!

Questions in this convo come from the User Questions asked in our last five convos. Our peeps continue to amaze us with their insight into the core of dNeero conversations ... keep it going!!

Air21 is no EXPRESS

Let me just vent out my anger!

I ordered at Ebay yesterday and the seller was kind enough to ship the items the same day. I am expecting the items today before 5 pm as I'll be leaving the office by then.

I gave a specific instructions to our guard to notify me once a courier from Air21 arrives in our floor. By 3pm, no courier yet. So I called their hotline asking where the items are. They said the items are already out for delivery.

By 4pm, I called up again asking where the items are. They said that the courier was in our floor at 12:30pm but the office was close. What?! The agent said there were no guards on duty. I said that's so impossible. In the first place, the receptionist of the building wouldn't allow them to go up if our office is close, right? They said they need to verify yada yada yada. I said I want an update after 5 minutes where the hell the courier was.

5 minutes after, no call from Air21. I called them up again and said that their operations dept are calling the courier.

Few minutes later, Air21 called. They said if there is someone who can receive the items for me - like the guard on duty. I said if that was the case, I wouldn't have asked them to deliver the items by 5pm, right? I was so pissed. I asked them when can they deliver the items today and they answered me with their usual I have to verify yada yada yada.

Argh! I need to wait til MOnday before I can lay my hands on the items. Gawd!

Motherhood at it’s best

My son loves this song so much. Even if he’s doing something else, whenever he hears this on TV, he’d stop so that he can sing this.

So enjoy this song from NIDO commercial. I definitely agree on this.

Nothing else can compare than being with your kiddos.

Ayan, senti na naman ako. Naiisip ko na naman ang frustration ko to be a SAHM.

You’re my number one
Look at me mom
Shining like the sun
Bright as the day
You're my number one
And there's no treasure
That I will cherish like you
And when I smile
They all see you glow
And they all know
You're my number one
My one and only joy
Is to give you my love
My one love for you
I give through and through
I see you and the signs that bring joy
That all the world can see so clearly
Look at me mom
Shining like the sun
Bright as the day
You're my number one 


Paypal money withdrawn

With all the buzz around EON problems with paypal, I still gave it a shot though. I withdraw my money August 25 and was credited to my EON August 28. That was so fast! Geezh! I wonder why mine was like that? Ain't I such a lucky gal?

Now, I was wondering if this actually happened because I haven't grab any opps for months. Hahaha!

Decent sleep and potty training

I gauge the little boy's and proudly say that he is 80% potty trained. Getting ready to say bye bye nappies. This has been the perks of my night shift. I was able to be on-hand in training him. Though I get to grab just 4 hours of decent sleep a day, it's nothing compared to his achievement on this. What I usually do whenever I arrived home early morning is to get a sleep as the little boy is still in dreamland. By the time the little boy wakes up, he'd wake me up and we'll remove his nappies and wash. He'd changed to shorts then I'll let him play while I try to get a sleep again. From time to time, he'd wake me up by creating whatever noise. Gawd! I get irritated all the time and so often in the verge of shouting at him and losing my temper. At lunch time, I'd let him get messy while eating. He'd take his bath afterwards and put on his clothes. He's so independent now that even choosing clothes to wear is not anymore a task for mommy but his. I'd give him milk (oh, he gets his feeding bottle in the fridge and his can of milk too) and while watching cartoons, I was praying so hard that he'd doze off to sleep. Around 2 or 3 pm, he'd get cranky as a sign that he'd soon be hitting the sack. I'll carry him until he falls asleep. That's the only time I can finally take my sleep too. For four weeks, this has been my daily regimen. And for four weeks, the little boy is wearing nappies at night only. I always remind him to tell me if he needs to pee. He would and he'd run to his potty, pull off his shorts, and while standing and holding his "tenten" will pee. He'd wiggle his tenten afterwards and come to me so I can pull his shorts back on. This is also the same whenever he do #2. The only difference is that the electric fan should be pointed towards him whenever he does #2. Weird, don't you think?

Removing his nappies at night time is a different concern. I am still unsure if he can still control his pee.I know he would eventually. Mommy isn't in a hurry with this so baby take your time , huh.

2008 Movies

Good year? Bad year? Who really cares ... we just want some entertainment ... to get out of the home, have the lights go down, see the upcoming trailers, be told to turn off our cells, and then settle in to having the big screen take over for a couple of hours.

** McCain runs with Palin **

Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska, was named by John McCain to run as the Republican's Vice Presidential candidate ... it is conservatives who think they have seized the political advantage.

No Sweat

Today's miracle sweat-wicking micro-fibers hide a dirty little secret that serious athletes know about. They?re great at wicking away moisture. But they embed perspiration residue deep into the fabric. The result: musty, stubborn sweat odors that linger no matter how hard you try to get them out.

BER month

Yehey! I can smell and feel Christmas. Only 114 days to go before Christmas. OA as it may seems, I must admit I still do act like a kid during this season. I feel giddy happy. I so love the ambiance now.


And if you may notice, I am alive!!! Still kicking!!! Bwahahaha!!!

This is the longest time I was hiatus from my second world, blogging that is. I lost my zest when the proxy that we were using was officially killed and that all the sites that I frequently visit was blocked. Just imagine how the long dreadful nights at work I experienced last month. Thank God I'm back to day shift now. I felt I am enclosed in a box without anything to do. Everything has limits. I got bored so I simply blog hop from time to time using a web proxy. My internet report would surely show up how many hits for surfaz I had.

Anyways, I do hope I can squeeze time and get chances to update every now and then. I've got tons of kuwentos from the little boy's milestones in potty training, my very first experience in withdrawing money from paypal, and seeing Richard Guttierez. Hahaha!

Eat healthier, not cheaper

By just about any measure, global food prices rose significantly over the past two years. It's not your imagination. Eating right is costly. In fact, you may pay more than $30 more per day on food if you make healthy choices.

Happy talkie, talkie ... Visual Talking

"What the heck are you saying?" Ever heard that before? Maybe Visual Talking can help. It's like the Twitter of PowerPoint presentations. Combine words and pictures to communicate -- it's that simple.

In your user question please consider asking something about a current event and how/if VT would apply, e.g., "Should the Olympic athletes use VT to help communicate?" or "Now that Britney has her bod back, should we send her VT messages to get her to quit smoking?" or "Should Homeland security include VT as part of their interagency communications package?"

** Obama runs with Biden **

Barack Obama named Delaware Sen. Joe Biden as his vice presidential running mate, balancing his ticket with a seasoned congressional veteran well-versed in foreign policy and defense issues.

Phelps is a Tiger

Olympic legend Michael Phelps will appear on boxes of the Kellogg's Frosted Flakes and Corn Flakes ... what happened to Wheaties and going to Disneyland?

Do you buy or pay for ...?

Let's see what popular applications, devices, services, etc. you use.

If only

One thing I regret the most is being away from the little boy most of the time. I’ve been working mom since his birth. Though I had a chance to be a SAHM for 6 months, it was unplanned. Things didn’t work out with the husband losing a job so I was forced to get a job again before we go broke. Now, it breaks my heart whenever my mom or my aunt would hide the little boy so I can sneak out of the house whenever I need to go to work. I would then hear his wail far from our house. I pity him. If only I can spend the whole day with him, I would. If only the husband earns more than I do, I’d quit my job without batting an eyelash. If only…

But then again, this is a far from reality - now. Maybe someday, two to three years from now, I can proudly say I’m a SAHM.

Beijing Olympics fever

Nope, I'm not an avid fan of Olympics. I'm not even a sports enthusiast. This caught my attention though. Cute Fuwas, the official mascots of the Beijing Olympics 2008.Like the Five Olympic Rings from which they draw their color and inspiration, Fuwa will serve as the Official Mascots of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, carrying a message of friendship and peace -- and good wishes from China -- to children all over the world. Designed to express the playful qualities of five little children who form an intimate circle of friends, Fuwa also embody the natural characteristics of four of China's most popular animals -- the Fish, the Panda, the Tibetan Antelope, the Swallow -- and the Olympic Flame. Each of Fuwa has a rhyming two-syllable name -- a traditional way of expressing affection for children in China. Beibei is the Fish, Jingjing is the Panda, Huanhuan is the Olympic Flame, Yingying is the Tibetan Antelope and Nini is the Swallow. When you put their names together -- Bei Jing Huan Ying Ni -- they say "Welcome to Beijing," offering a warm invitation that reflects the mission of Fuwa as young ambassadors for the Olympic Games. Fuwa also embody both the landscape and the dreams and aspirations of people from every part of the vast country of China. In their origins and their headpieces, you can see the five elements of nature -- the sea, forest, fire, earth and sky -- all stylistically rendered in ways that represent the deep traditional influences of Chinese folk art and ornamentation. Spreading Traditional Chinese Good Wishes Wherever They Go In the ancient culture of China, there is a grand tradition of spreading good wishes through signs and symbols. Each of Fuwa symbolizes a different blessing -- and will honor this tradition by carrying their good wishes to the children of the world. Prosperity, happiness, passion, health and good luck will be spread to every continent as Fuwa carry their invitation to Beijing 2008 to every part of the globe. At the heart of their mission -- and through all of their work -- Fuwa will seek to unite the world in peace and friendship through the Olympic spirit. Dedicated to helping Beijing 2008 spread its theme of One World, One Dream to every continent, Fuwa reflect the deep desire of the Chinese people to reach out to the world in friendship through the Games -- and to invite every man, woman and child to take part in the great celebration of human solidarity that China will host in the light of the flame in 2008. In China's traditional culture and art, the fish and water designs are symbols of prosperity and harvest. And so Beibei carries the blessing of prosperity. A fish is also a symbol of surplus in Chinese culture, another measure of a good year and a good life. The ornamental lines of the water-wave designs are taken from well-known Chinese paintings of the past. Among Fuwa, Beibei is known to be gentle and pure. Strong in water sports, she reflects the blue Olympic ring. Jingjing makes children smile -- and that's why he brings the blessing of happiness wherever he goes. You can see his joy in the charming naivety of his dancing pose and the lovely wave of his black and white fur. As a national treasure and a protected species, pandas are adored by people everywhere. The lotus designs in Jingjing's headdress, which are inspired by the porcelain paintings of the Song Dynasty (A.D.960-1234), symbolize the lush forest and the harmonious relationship between man and nature. Jingjing was chosen to represent our desire to protect nature's gifts -- and to preserve the beauty of nature for all generations. Jingjing is charmingly naïve and optimistic. He is an athlete noted for strength who represents the black Olympic ring. In the intimate circle of Fuwa, Huanhuan is the big brother. He is a child of fire, symbolizing the Olympic Flame and the passion of sport -- and passion is the blessing he bestows. Huanhuan stands in the center of Fuwa as the core embodiment of the Olympic spirit. And while he inspires all with the passion to run faster, jump higher and be stronger, he is also open and inviting. Wherever the light of Huanhuan shines, the inviting warmth of Beijing 2008 -- and the wishful blessings of the Chinese people -- can be felt. The fiery designs of his head ornament are drawn from the famed Dunhuang murals -- with just a touch of China's traditional lucky designs. Huanhuan is outgoing and enthusiastic. He excels at all the ball games and represents the red Olympic ring. Like all antelopes, Yingying is fast and agile and can swiftly cover great stretches of land as he races across the earth. A symbol of the vastness of China's landscape, the antelope carries the blessing of health, the strength of body that comes from harmony with nature. Yingying's flying pose captures the essence of a species unique to the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, one of the first animals put under protection in China. The selection of the Tibetan Antelope reflects Beijing commitment to a Green Olympics. His head ornament incorporates several decorative styles from the Qinghai-Tibet and Sinkiang cultures and the ethnic design traditions of Western China. Strong in track and field events, Yingying is a quick-witted and agile boy who represents the yellow Olympic ring. Every spring and summer, the children of Beijing have flown beautiful kites on the currents of wind that blow through the capital. Among the kite designs, the golden-winged swallow is traditionally one of the most popular. Nini's figure is drawn from this grand tradition of flying designs. Her golden wings symbolize the infinite sky and spread good-luck as a blessing wherever she flies. Swallow is also pronounced "yan" in Chinese, and Yanjing is what Beijing was called as an ancient capital city. Among Fuwa, Nini is as innocent and joyful as a swallow. She is strong in gymnastics and represents the green Olympic ring.

Snagged here.