Trip na trip: Taal Volcano

Last weekend, my colleagues and I had our team building in Tagaytay. We hit the road to Tagaytay in the afternoon and had dinner at Leslie’s. Afterwards, the boys had drinking and gambling session in hubby’s grandmother’s resthouse. Early in the morning, we went to Taal Yacht Club to ride a boat going to Taal Volcano’s island. We then walked almost 4 kilometers to the viewing deck. We would have gone to the crater lake but the volcano was active at that time and there was a 4km danger zone raised by PHILVOCS.

taalWe conquered Taal Volcano!

God whispers today


Lawsuits and more

The latest news about corruption in the country’s military system is another hit in the present government. One of those things was the 50 million pesos monthly allowance of generals. Come to think about it. The soldiers were all in the field risking their lives while those Generals were just lying on their comfortable room and yet they were the one given big chunk of money. Just recently, with the pending Depuy lawsuit for all the Generals involved, one has ended his life by gunning himself on his left chest in front of his parents’ grave. As a citizen, I still gave them the benefit of the doubt. Unless they were proven guilty, they shouldn’t be mocked.

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