Busy, busy bee

Today is the most hectic day of all the days in the week. Me being busy is an understatement.  I have tons of to do’s lined up in my desk right now. That doesn’t include my personal to do’s which reminds me to go to the nearby drugstore later as I forgot to bring my medicines again, for the nth time.

Our weekends were spent at home, at least for me and the little boy. We had the whole Saturday spent inside a clinic. The morning was spent for the little boy’s vaccine while the afternoon was spent for my prenatal check-up. Just few more weeks and our little princess will have her grand entrance.

The husband spent his Sunday in Alabang helping his cousins in preparation for the soft opening / blessing of the family’s apartelle on Wednesday, Nanay’s birthday and grand opening the day after.

I need to write down things to do as lately, I’ve been forgetting a lot of things. Gawd! I’m not sure though if this is because of my pregnancy or is it a sign of aging. LOL! Which reminds me, I’ll be turning a year older next week.

Anyways, I have to go now. The husband is bugging me to look for Automotive Marketing which I have to write down on my long to do list. Ciao!

First star(s)

Joshua finally wore his school uniform last Monday and he went home giddy happy as his teacher gave him not just a 1 star but 3 stars.

He really enjoys school now. I just hope this will not end soon though.

DSC02876 DSC02877 DSC02878

DSC02879 DSC02881 DSC02882

DSC02884 DSC02889

DSC02890  DSC02891

Endurance Athletes

Endurance training and racing requires quite a commitment from athletes ... the commitment is for time and money ... they put up with pain, they eat for the event and buy supplements that cost a bundle ... their equipment is specialized to their events (shoes, high performance clothing, bikes, skis, wet suit, heart monitor, exercise equipment, etc., etc.) Some of the athletes are in the professional ranks, but most are age-groupers. Why do the age-groupers do it?

SpitzTunes -- Working My Way Back to You!

I've been away for a while .. not because of lack of interest, but because I've been away ... wanted to get this convo going ... in coming convos I'm going to do themes ... for example, politics in music, sports in music, sexuality in music ... if you have any suggestions, please let me know in the last question. And yes, the first question came about because I just did exactly that, with The Best of the Four Seasons!

What Makes a Dad

God took the strength of a mountain,
The majesty of a tree,
The warmth of a summer sun,
The calm of a quiet sea,
The generous soul of nature,
The comforting arm of night,
The wisdom of the ages,
The power of the eagle's flight,
The joy of a morning in spring,
The faith of a mustard seed,
The patience of eternity,
The depth of a family need,
Then God combined these qualities,
When there was nothing more to add,
He knew His masterpiece was complete,
And so,
He called it ... Dad.

  DSC02870 DSC02871

    DSC01878 DSC01879

Three men

I won’t be able to go online tomorrow so I’ll be posting this a little early.

Meet the three men who had played important roles in my life.

  1. Papa Boy – hubby’s fatherDSC01759 
  2. Papa Alex – my loving father who is in Qatiff right nowDSC00051 
  3. Daddy – of course, the world’s #1 dad in our lives, my husband

Happy Father’s Day!

Joshua, me and the little princess love you all!

Tokyo Cafe experience

Ok, I’ve seen this resto way back when I was still connected with SM. I never had the chance nor the courage to try this out. Talk about being on the safe side when it comes to food, as always.

However, since I’ve heard a lot of good feedbacks about it, I told the husband that I’ll be treating him to dinner last Thursday, his birthday. So after work, the husband and the little boy fetch me and off we go straight to MOA.

Here’s what we had:

        DSC02576 DSC02578


Afterwards, the little boy and the birthday boy had a blast playing in Timezone and riding the carousel.


Officially a preschooler

Monday was the start of class for Joshua in a Day Care center near the husband’s place. We opt to enroll him first in a Day Care as he might not enjoy school and decide not to go to school anymore after.

No pictures yet as he isn’t wearing uniform. The uniform was a bit big for him so we asked for a replacement to a smaller size. The schedule of class is 12nn to 2pm and we were already there by fifteen minutes before 12nn. Talk about the mommy being excited here.

When we were already there, he took a seat near Sergio (the husband’s cousin’s son). I bid him goodbye and he immediately said “Bye Mommy!”

Wow! He doesn’t seem to look like a first-timer there. Some of his classmates went crying went the teacher advised the parents to go out of the room already. My little boy, on the other hand, was so cool about being in school. The teacher even told me after school that she was quite amused seeing my little boy not crying at all.

The next day, the husband texted me around 12nn that Joshua had a boo-boo in school. He didn’t made the little boy wear diapers and so, he peed on his pants. LOL!

The husband was thinking of giving the little boy multiplayer games as a reward for being such a good boy in school. My little boy is indeed a preschooler now, officially.


the bestest friend I ever have…

the man I will forever love…

the father of my kids…

our dear DADDY…

We love you so much!!!

Blame it all

to the husband.

Last Friday, the giddy husband advised me that he was able to get Joshua’s uniform. But lo and behold, the size of the uniform was way too big for the little boy.

DSC02523The picture doesn’t show that much how big the uniform is. Today, the husband will go back to school and will ask the teacher if he can switch it to a smaller size. Hopefully, the teacher will agree or else we’ll need to scout for someone who can alter the uniform asap.

Joshua’s school things are almost complete. The only thing we lack are the books which will be given to us on the first day of school (15th of June), his sandos and briefs. His notebooks are color-coded. The bag and the hankies are all his choice.

DSC02530DSC02556 DSC02391  

Side note: Would you believe we were able to buy his school shoes from Chicco for only P200? Cheap isn’t it? The bag is worth P200 too. Thanks to the 3-weekend sale of Festival Mall last May!

Anyways, off now I go to seek for Real Property Management which reminds me today is the rally in Paseo de Roxas. Need to go off to work 4pm sharp. Ciao!

What Your Hair Says About You!

When you know it's time to change your style, we bet it's because of how you're feeling ... and don't tell me that that the shaved look in the military doesn't have as much or more to do with fitting in, and it does with functionality. How important is our hair? Do a search for 'hair' in Bing.com (Microsoft's new search engine) and you'll be loaded with 249 million pages ... search for 'shoes' and you'll only get 152 million pages ... it ain't scientific, but it sure is suggestive.

What is your dream wedding?

Another quiz that I took in Facebook, for filler purposes.


Mine is CLASSIC!

Your dream wedding would be very romantic. It would be in a historic place in the afternoon or at night. There would be people everywhere. May be even a few strangers. It would be most likely be very expensive but so worth it!

What type of dessert are you?

Took this at Facebook as I need fillers, you know.



You are a very happy, caring person. You like to make sure everyone is happy. You know how to help others while still having tons of fun and time for yourself to hang out with friends.


School has just started last Monday for public school. Joshua will start on the 15th. Blame to my busy schedule, that is, having Saturdays only as my rest day (Sundays are spent with my CCNA boot camp training), I haven’t finished buying all his school supplies. The only thing left to buy were his briefs and sandos though. I haven’t covered his notebooks and books too.

Our expenses are beginning to shoot high, as we’ll start buying stuff for the “PRINCESS".” The only thing we were able to buy at this time were the BPA-free bottles I bought online. 

For sure, by the time the PRINCESS arrives on August, the husband and I would need to dig for gold coins if there is any. I think the husband should start now, LOL!

We’re having a baby…

We finally knew the baby’s gender.

Read here.