What fairy tale are you?

You Are the Little Mermaid
You find it hard to be satisfied with the life you were given. You feel like there is something bigger out there.
You know what you want, even if you don't go for it right away. You tend to long for people and things.

You are a true romantic and idealist. You get lovesick easily, and you've had your fair share of heartbreak.
Even so, you would give up a lot for love. Love is the most important thing in your life.

Will you do it?

Have you ever seen the movie John Q? I am very, very touched with the story where John after learning that his insurance doesn’t cover the medical expenses of his son who is currently in the hospital, did every single thing he could just to make sure his son would have an immediate heart transplant. He almost sold all their furniture, asked help from their co-church members. But the money he raised didn’t suffice and what he did was to hostage his son’s surgeon inside the emergency room. Oh, you better watch that movie. A few claimed it’s a real story, other’s says not. After seeing that movie, I realized that it is indeed very important to have a Term Life Insurance for yourself and for your family. Every single person should Buy Life Insurance. Good thing NoMedExamLifeInsurance.com offers term life insurance without the medical examination and without the endless paperwork. Of course, it’ll be easy for everyone to get Life Insurance No Exam. Filling out of endless papers is a hassle, I tell you. Good news is that it doesn’t matter where in the country the person lives, they can quote one’s life insurance for free within a matter of minutes. All you have to do is call the toll free number 1-800-939-0710 to get a quote from them.

No harm in dreaming

I am swamped with tons and tons of work. When will this end? I honestly really, really wanted to be out of this slavery – corporate slavery, that is. I simply wanted to be a SAHM (stay-at-home mother) and watch my growing kids. But then, it isn’t practical as we have payables left and right. I wished we could afford to buy gold bullion now. We would wait for the right time when its price is sky rocket high and we would surely sell them. We would then put up a business using the money we have raised. Surely, we could finally afford by then for me not to work anymore. Oh life, dream on.

A very bad news

Our Human Resource manager called for a meeting yesterday and attendance is a must for all employees with PTT as their tax code. They announced a very, very bad news from our BIR. I’ll tell the story soon.

After the meeting, almost all employees are whining. Some even cried, including myself. No, we won’t be losing our job. The announcement has a major impact on our earnings for the coming year. I immediately called the husband to relay the news to him. We even called lawyers and certified public accountants with tax specialty to discuss the matter with them. The husband and I have to earn more next year, which made me think of putting up on online business. I am thinking of selling clothes for babies and kids. Baby clothing would surely be a hit to mothers most especially if I would sell imported brands in a cheaper cost. It could either be pre-order or on-hand. I am already drafting a proposal to the husband and if he allows me to venture on to this business, I will go full blast first quarter of next year. Hopefully, the income the business will generate can help or more so, suffice our needs.

Congrats to V + J

I just heard that our colleague V’s wife J gave birth to a bouncing baby boy last Monday. When I was still in night shift, I heard the news that J was already in labor before the Halloween. We were even joking V that his baby might feel coming out either on Halloween or on All Saint’s day. It didn’t progress though and when her OB checked her last Monday, her water is almost drained so they have no choice but to perform an emergency Caesarian Section on her. No matter how expensive the operation is, V agreed. Besides, they waited for the baby for more than five years. We haven’t visited them but we heard they are already discharged from the hospital. I have to drop by the mall first and buy a present for the baby, cute boys clothes will do, I hope so. Or should I ask V instead? He might need tons and tons of diapers or even formula milk, if J does not breastfeed their baby. Ah, I miss having a baby around the house. I miss its smell. I miss the cry. But no, I don’t want to have a baby anymore. Two is enough for me.

Baby clothes = memories

I was in the mood to clean our room last weekend and that includes my kids’ closet. After the whole sorting of which has to go and which has to stay, I was shocked to see that I was able to full a box up to its brim. Oh wow! I didn’t know my kids were able to accumulate tons of clothes in the past years. Most of them were gifts from friends and family members during their birthdays and Christmas seasons. Those clothes will either be given to charity or to my younger cousins based in the province. It was hard to let go those baby clothes my kids’ wear when they were still babies. However, their closet is not that big enough to house them anymore so I have no choice but to give it away. Although I am a little sad about letting those go, that only means I have enough reason to shop for them again. Weeh! I am sure the husband wouldn’t whine with the idea most especially when almost all malls in the metro are having sale. Actually, he only allows me to shop whenever there is a sale. As he says, I am uncontrollable when it comes to shopping.

God whispers today


Feeling guilty

I did something three days ago. It keeps on haunting me. And no matter how I make justifications on what I did, I still can’t help but feel guilty about it. No one can pacify me. I keep on reminding myself that what I did was right. Read more here.

What color is your personality?

You Are Blue
You are detail oriented and focused. You enjoy keeping your life in order.
You are a perfectionist, and you tend to take your time with tasks. Anything worth doing is worth doing right.

It's hard for you to deal with dramatic, flippant, and silly people. You value maturity.
You are a good listener and you expect others to be the same. You expect to be taken seriously.

I wanna be a billionaire

I wanna be a billionaire, so freakin' bad
Buy all the things I never had

Who wouldn't want to be one? I believe many has dream of such, but most never become a reality. Anyway, it's next to impossible. Or, it would take you a lifetime to be one. Unless they have a lucky charm that would make them a millionaire in a blink of an eye by winning the Mega Lotto with 300 million pesos price in stake. With such amount of money, they would be able to buy as much as gold coins they want at the US Gold Bureau.

God whispers today