Internet galore

My boss has emailed me my records for the proxy server. My list shows that most websites I visited were blogs, lol. Now, they we're thinking to block even blogsite. Oh no...


Your hair and face change as you get older. And so should your cut. Finding the right cut and color can give a huge boost to your overall appearance. Well, at least we think so ... what do you think?

Cool tag

I've been tagged by Jhong weeks ago. Just had free time to do it right now as my boss is on leave. Bwahahahaha!

To get your own graphics please do the following:
1. Go to
2. Type in your answer to the question in the "search" box.
3. Use only the first page.
4. Insert the picture in your blog.

1. What is your relationship status?
2. What is your current mood?


3. Who is your favorite band/artist?

4. What is your favorite movie?

i am sam

5. What kind of pet do you have?

fish tets
love bird

6. Where do you live?

7. Where do you work?

8. What do you look like?
-to follow-

9. What do you drive?


10. What did you do last night?

Sleep Tight

11. Describe yourself.

perfectly imperfect

12. What are you doing today?
Blog Button

13. What is your name?
All Messengers

14. What is your favorite candy?
chocolate, ferrero

I knew many of you have posted this tag so I won't be tagging anyone anymore. Just feel free to snag it.

Freakin hot!

It's hot! hot! hot!

I can't withstand the heat nowadays. By May, our temperature would shoot up to 42 degrees. Imagine how hot that would be. Gawd! I'm so lazy to use an umbrella. I'm even lazy to apply sunblock on my skin although I deem it necessary nowadays.

This is the result of GLOBAL WARMING. I just hope we still can save Earth. I pity our kids who'll feel heat more when they grow up.

PS: Temperature check, 28 degrees celcius to think that I'm inside an AC room.

Look of the year

I once got hooked with America’s Next Top Model and our version of it Philippines’ Next Top Model. One of my friends is a supermodel wannabe so I refer her to check Look of the year site as they we’re having a beauty contest. She can win a good amount of money or even spotted by an agency for modeling career. All she need to do is send her best picture to them. Who knows, with her face so beautiful, she can be one of the next young model working in Paris, New York or Milan. So to those who like her are supermodel wannabe, check their site out.

Breakup and learn

Having a breakup in our lives seems to be the norm. Do we all learn the same things? What happens after the breakup recovery period?

The bug

I thought "the bug" has bitten me. See, my cycle has been irregular since the beginning. Lately, I was been preoccupied of the thought that I might be preggy. I can't say I'm this week delayed as I really can't tell when my next cycle would be. I'm stressed thinking about it. Good thing, it arrived yesterday. Whew!

What does your birth date mean?

Snag this from Jhong.

Your Birthdate: July 7

You are an island. You don't need anyone else to make you happy.

And though you see yourself as a loner, people are drawn to you.

Deep and sensitive, you tend to impress others with your insights.

You also tend to be psychic - so listen to that inner voice!

Your strength: Your self sufficiency

Your weakness: You despise authority

Your power color: Maroon

Your power symbol: Hammer

Your power month: July
What Does Your Birth Date Mean?

TV shows are back

The writers strike had many effects ... one of which was a dirth of TV entertainment ... which prime time shows are your favorites from network TV: ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC

Quote to ponder

I'm feeling down lately. I felt everything was against me. I felt nobody loves me. I felt nobody sees my worth on their lives. I felt I just wanted to quit life. Not until Jhong forwarded me a quote from Bob Ong...

"May sarili din akong barko. Obligasyon kong maglayag, karapatan kong pumunta sa kung saan ko gusto, responsibilidad ko ang buhay ko."

midwest auto recycling

I often hear my boss rants every now and then as he needs to find for an auto shop which can inspect his 2nd hand Ford pickup which he has bought recently. When he was in a good mood, I referred him to Midwest Auto Recycling. They specializes in used engines and transmissions and has one of the strongest warranty nationwide. My boss thought that was cool. So do I. Besides, all miles are carfax verified. They make sure that all engines come as a complete assembly. Engines are started, inspected for compression, cylinder leak down tested, checked for oil pressure and cleaned. All transmissions are test driven, visually inspected and cleaned. I’ll also refer them to my friends and relatives that have their own car or SUV. Whether you're car or SUV is brand new or second hand, it is still necessary to make sure yours is in its best condition.

Warm and fuzzy

Tagged by Vien and Tet weeks ago.

Copy here:
1. Take the test - Love Visual DNA.
2. Post your result by adding your name (linked to your blog), your loved type (linked to your Love DNA result).
3. Tag everybody else!

Results: 1. Aggie - Warm and Fuzzy 2. Thea - Warm and Fuzzy 3. Something Purple - Warm and Fuzzy 4. A Detour - Warm and Fuzzy 5. Princess Vien - Wistful Soul 6. Tet - Wistful Soul 7. Chat - Warm and Fuzzy 8. YOUR RESULT HERE

My result:

It looks like you’re someone who’s very down-to-earth when it comes to love. You tend to be pretty realistic about what makes a lifelong partnership work. You understand to value forging a love based on friendship, respect and shared values. In fact, often your relationships develop out of friendships and you lover tends to be your best friend. Marriage and children are probably central to your life. As far as you’re concerned, a true relationship is one that matures with time and work. Just make sure that you keep the spark of passion alive.

You feel most comfortable in a solid relationship based on trust. Love is your life-blood. It fills you with energy and makes the world seem even more beautiful. Right now you couldn’t imagine a better place to be. You’re positively glowing with happiness and feeling very secure. Just how you like it.

Home life is really important to you. It is the focus of all the love that you have to give. Love is about being completely natural with one another, about being able to take things slow and find a quiet place away from all the demands of every day life. You love the mystery of exploring your lover and reaching even deeper levels of understanding. Your choice of animal shows an inate kindness and a playful spirit. You like to be open and communicative with your lover.

Love is cuddling up on the sofa with a glass of wine or lounging in bed with the Sunday papers. You like grand romantic gestures. Your heart leaps whenever your lover does something special for you. You dream of growing old with the one you love. A strong friendship is the secret for a true love match. You’re a gentle soul. Quiet companionship and understanding is really important for a long lasting relationship. Once the spark of passion has died down, this is what will truly endure.

Jhong, I'm passing this too you.

About me @ dNeero

This will be one of the first three surveys you take ... it's longer than most dNeero surveys (normally surveys are 5-10 questions), but it's meant to get you thinking about yourself and how wonderful the fabric of you really is ... your friends, lovers, associates will probably learn something about you. This survey is meant to generate conversation as your lover exclaims "Your favorite flower is what?!" and "And you went skinny dipping with whom?!"

We've moved

To MIL's house, that is. My mom and my younger brother is bound to Pangasinan this afternoon. We have no choice but to stay in MIL's house not until they goes back to Manila which I think would be on May. Jojo has a night schedule so nobody can actually look for the little boy while he was sleeping. Of course, I couldn't let him to do it. He needs some rest too.

So, just this morning, we troop to Buli with our bags full of the little boys stuff - his toiletries, feeding bottles, milk, diapers, sandos, shorts, pjs. I just bring few of my clothes and own toiletries. We might go back to our house in Sucat on Saturday to get more stuff.

Literally, we're NPAs. No Permanent Address...


Today is a holiday.

Where am I?

At work.

Career in Medicine again

As what I posted before, I could have been in the field of medicine if I weren’t in the IT industry. I could have been a pharmacy technician. Their work is to assists licensed pharmacists either in retails stores or in mail-order pharmacies or even in hospitals. They work the same hours as the pharmacists. They usually perform routine tasks such helping prescribed medication for patients, counting tablets and labelling bottles. Being a pharmacy tech, one can work overseas and earn big. Besides, pharmacy technician salary, although varies depending on their work environment, is still competitive.

Thank you Jhong!

If you notice, I was able to update my post a little. Everything was made possible by Jhong. So everybody knows, she is one of my best buddies in college. Amongst the group we are included; we shared almost all secrets, even dark ones, lol. After what happened to our office blocking blogger, I lost my enthusiasm to blog. It came to a point that I really don’t want to visit even my very own blog but rather blog hop. I have memorized your links now, I’m telling you.

Since I was vocal to her of planning not to update my blog anymore, she offered help. Our setup, I’ll be sending through her email each entry and she’ll be the one to post it here. Complicated isn’t it?

Thank you so much Jhong for making everything possible. You’re really one precious gem that I’ll never ever let go. I love you sis!

Career in Medicine

If I weren't in the IT industry, I could have pursued a career as an x-ray technician. Why? According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, the annual salary range of xray technician ranges from $32,000 to $46,500. Not bad, right? They work 40 hours a week; they could be on-call during emergency. A career being x ray technician is an ideal one since they are the one responsible for conducting imaging procedures specified by a patient’s physician. They prepare patients for filming and operate x-ray imaging machinery. So if you are still in doubt of what career to pursue and you have an attitude of being precise in all the things you do, I suggest you pursue a career as a Radiographer.

Accept it or not?

My boss wanted mo to undergo a 3-course Linux Training. The catch is I’ll be having a 2-year bond with the company. At the back of my mind, I badly wanted to grab the opportunity. However, I’m still hesitant. This is the first time I’ll be undergoing such kind of training. What if I don’t pass the certification training? Will they ask me to pay the expenses? Now, should I accept it or not?

Extra in a blog

I'm so happy to have a blog. Why? It's my online sanctuary. Here I can say my rants for whatever happenings in my life plus earn a little extra money. It's Bloggerwave that first approve my blog. If you wish to make money just by updating your blog, they are giving you now the opportunity to do so. They are aiming to be Europe ’s biggest advertising media on blogs and you can help us grow so more and more jobs will come.


Remember this post?

I've been quite for some time regarding this. Why? I just don't want to spill anything yet not until everything is 100% sure. Besides, I might feel depressed when everything won't run smoothly.

Yesterday was daddy's orientation at FedEx/Air21. Tonight is his first day. I'm so happy that he finally found a job. The only thing that isn't good about it is we will only be seeing each other on weekends this month. His in the night shift while mine is day shift. The scenario would be like this, he'd arrive by the time I need to go to work and vice versa.

Oh well, sacrifices should be done just to make everything falls into places. I'm starting to miss him now...

First Encounter

My little boy loves Jollibee. He goes ecstatic whenever he sees one even from afar. Last month, he was able to attend two Jollibee parties. One is in Shopwise Sucat and the other one is in E-resort. He wasn't prepared to see Jollibee on the first birthday party that we attended. But after seeing the mascot dance, we were able to take a picture of him beside it. But of course, I should be with him.


I've been eyeing a gift for my long lost friend in elementary who has been collecting precious metals in the past. After searching for ideas over the net for quite some time now, I got an idea from Monex Deposit Company (MDC) that as an investment product, silver is available in coin or ingot form. Ingots are generally silver ingots of pure bullion cast in a convenient size and shape. Coins have a currency value or they are actually defined as ingots. Wouldn't that be great for a gift to my friend? Besides, there would never be a better time for buying silver bullion than right now.