Mind over matter

When I conceived Joshua, when every first time Mom wishes to have a baby girl, I wished and set my mind that I am having a baby boy. I never had the chance to have an older brother (or even an older sister) so I really prayed for a boy. Weird, don’t you think?

Good thing, the Man above granted my wish and gave me a boy. Now, I’m setting my mind of having a baby girl.

As with Joshua, we are preparing him to be a Kuya. We called him Kuya and whenever we call him baby, he’d say that he isn’t a baby anymore. He is a Kuya.

He usually talks to the baby more often than he talks to us lately. He would pull up my top to reveal my tummy, kiss my tummy, hug my tummy, share his toys and even ask what the baby is doing (which I answered back, nagswiswimming, LOL!)

Me: (making my voice small as to make me sound like a baby) Kuya Joshua, boy ikaw?
Joshua: Yes.
Me: Si Daddy?
Joshua : Boy.
Me : Si Mommy ?
Joshua : Girl.
Me: Ako?
Joshua: Boy.
Me: Hindi, girl ako.
Joshua: Hindi, boy kaw.

Oh no… It seems, I have a tough competition as Joshua wants the baby to be a boy too.

SpitzTunes -- Rappity, Rap!

Every week when I sit down to pose questions for Spitz Tunes there is a constant question that goes thru my mind. Am I reaching an audience and do the questions cause you to think about music and how it has effected your life, your loves, even your losses?

Our Philippines

Based on the "dNeero-ites in Asia" convo, we've culled a few questions for our Philippine members.

It’s been a while

I know I’ve neglected my blog for a very long time now. See, I am sort of busy with things happening around me. I lost my appetite in blogging, on the first hand. Second, I had a problem with my payroll account when we tried to withdraw my pay from another ATM machine. The money was debited on my account but there weren’t money dispensed on the machine. WTF! It was timely for the little boy’s 3rd birthday so we opt to have a simple celebration with cakes, spaghetti and ice cream. Lately, the weather was so bad that I caught a flu. I just got back from work after a week-long leave. I know, with my condition now, I need not to have any sickness or whatsoever.

I’ve been swamped with work now so I really have to go. I just need to research for Monex which my colleague wanted to know so badly.

Your Health ... It's Good for You!

The mind, the body, the family, the society ... let's talk about the bod ... why not, afterall there are mirrors all over the place ... and o yeah, that bod is the container in which we carry our minds around.


Exactly three years tomorrow, I have witness a miracle in my life. It's my little boy's birthday!