Tickets again

Tickets again?

The husband is kinda hard to control after he learned about this wonderful site that offers tickets to various shows. Who couldn't resist? is a source of great and cheap seating for the the Vancouver Canucks games plus Anaheim Ducks hockey and Dallas Stars road games. It's like a one stop shop for all die hard sports fan.

So now, we are expecting in the mail vancouver canucks tickets, anaheim ducks tickets, and dallas stars tickets. I wonder who will accompany the husband to watch those games. I will pass on this, that is for sure. So he needs to contact his dear friends to watch with him.

Big time

Why, hello there!

Yep. I am still very much alive. I have been neglecting this blog for the longest time now. My daily tasks are very much full to the brim that there are those I cannot anymore handle.

Hubby had even advised me to take a break. I declined but he insisted. He bought big time rush tickets for us. Ain't he sweet? He actually planned to buy more tickets for us and his family. He bought the black keys tickets for his brother and romeo santos tickets for his siblings.

Now, I need to know where did he buy all of those as I wanted to buy also for my family. The answer? has lots of concert tickets for the Big Time Rush tour and The Black Keys as well as Romeo Santos tickets for most cities.