Goodbye nappies?

My mom started to potty train my son before he turns one. He didn’t even use his potty trainer as he prefers to poop in the toilet. Before he turns two, he doesn’t wear nappies during daytime. The hardest part of potty training him is whenever we go out of the house, i.e., going to the mall or groceries and during the night. We had several accidents inside the mall and groceries.

Before I got pregnant, we already told him to stop wearing nappies. We even told him that DryPants_product2 instead of buying nappies, we can buy toys for him. When I got pregnant, we openly discussed to him that he is already a kuya and he should do this and that - including not wearing diapers anymore. We have attempted it several times (including the time he has to go to school) but we failed. He had accidents in school and shows he was ashamed of what happen. He doesn’t want to sit down even on public vehicle if he is wet. I guessed he is still not prepared to say goodbye to his nappies.

Last Monday though, we run out of nappies. We don’t have time to go to the groceries so we drypers XL thought of letting him sleep through the night without a nappy. Before that, we remind him that he isn’t wearing a nappy and that he should advise us if he wants to pee. The first two days, as I usually had the urge to pee at 12 midnight, I have to wake up the husband to take the little boy to the comfort room to pee. Lately though, the husband is too tamad to wake up at midnight so I let it pass. I can’t carry the little boy, you know. It has been 4 straight nights and he didn’t have any accidents at all.

Is it goodbye to nappies now? Or it’s still too early to tell?

H1N1 virus severely affects pregnancy

A colleague of forwarded me this article. It was scary and I fervently prayed that me and my preggie friends will be spared from the virus.

Study: H1N1 virus more severely affects pregnant women

ATLANTA, Georgia (CNN) -- Pregnant women infected with the H1N1 virus are more likely to be hospitalized from it and perhaps even more likely to die from it, according to a federal study released Wednesday.

The authors of the study suggest that pregnant women infected with the virus, commonly known as swine flu, take antiviral drugs to protect themselves and their fetuses.

"If they feel sick, they need to call their health care provider and their health care provider needs to prescribe antivirals promptly," said Dr. Denise J. Jamieson, lead author of the study and a medical officer at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Some doctors are reluctant to prescribe the drugs to pregnant women because they are concerned about their possible effect on the fetus, but Jamieson urged them to put aside those concerns.

"We know, in this situation, the benefits very likely outweigh the risks, because pregnant women could get pretty darn sick with influenza," the obstetrician-gynecologist told CNN.

In fact, they could get more than sick. Of the 45 H1N1 deaths reported to the CDC between April 15 and June 16, six (13 percent) were among pregnant women.

All of them had been healthy before infection, and all went on to develop viral pneumonia, leading to acute respiratory distress that required them to be placed on ventilators, Jamieson said.

She acknowledged that the numbers are small, but said data collected since then are still reason for concern. Of the 266 H1N1 deaths investigated by the CDC to date, 15 (6 percent) were among pregnant women, she said. That's six times the percentage of U.S. women who are pregnant at any given time.

In addition, pregnant women infected with H1N1 were four times as likely as sick people in the general population to be hospitalized for it, she said. But the study cautioned that part of that increase may be because of doctors being more likely to hospitalize a pregnant woman than a nonpregnant person with similar symptoms.

Still, the apparent disproportionate impact of H1N1 on pregnant women is not surprising, given the body changes that occur during pregnancy, she said.

As the uterus grows and pushes the diaphragm up, there is less room for the lungs," affecting a woman's ability to breathe, she said.

Pregnancy's impact goes beyond structural; it affects the body's ability to fight off illness, she said.

"A pregnant woman has to accommodate this foreign body of the growing fetus, so there is an immunological shift that occurs in pregnancy," she said.

Though it is not clear whether that immunological shift translates into a greater likelihood of contracting the virus, there is no doubt that it can result in more severe illness among pregnant women who are infected with it, she said. "They are more severely affected, and that is consistent with what we are seeing with this H1N1," she said.

Still, Jamieson said she is not recommending that pregnant women avoid crowds or take any other precautions that would affect their daily routines.

She said she hopes to continue to track what happens to the H1N1-infected pregnant women in the report, though the details have yet to be worked out.

Dinner with my college friends

Dou (with her husband Allan) were here in the country and called for a get together just last Monday. I received a text from Cathy at 3pm that we’ll have to meet in Megamall for dinner at 7pm. Went to Muchos for a night of fun and KTV.

berksUntil next time guys! I hope that time Erika could come.

Joshua updates


* He loves going to school now. Every single day  (even weekends) he would get up early and say he'll go to school. His teacher always asks the husband if the boy is really three years old only. He behaves well daw kasi. Only in school though.

* He is one of the few kids I knew who doesn't love hotdogs. He prefers chicken (loves to eat soft bones) and fish (eats even the eye part of it).

* He loves to talk to my tummy and his baby sister needs to talk back to him. He once said “gusto ko din dyan sa loob.”

* He has fascination with big things. He wanted a big house, big television, etc, etc. So when the husband and I needs to go to work, he’d ask us when we got home if we have money na to buy a big house, blah blah blah.

* He seemed to understood what death means. He doesn't want us to die as he would bluntly say "wala na siyang mommy or daddy."

* He still needs to be lulled to sleep, even for just a few minutes. This started when we introduced his little sister (inside my tummy).

* And lately, I guess with the near arrival of his baby sister, he would want me to cuddle him to sleep. He can't sleep on his own now.

Random thoughts

  • In 4 weeks time, I can safely give birth na. There is still no definite schedule but my OB has advised me that it can be as early as 16th of next month to the 21st.
  • All the while I thought I was scammed by a multiply seller where I ordered Born Free bottles for the princess. We were able to talk yesterday and was advised that after waiting for almost 3 months, the bottles are already on her house. Sad part, the bottles had scratches daw so instead of sending me 4 sets, 1 set lang yung for shipment. She has to return the others daw. To cut the long story short, I refunded the excess. I don’t want to get stressed out by this. My problem now is where to look for such bottles online na on-hand na.
  • I hate the rain. It makes me weak again. I’m praying that this time, I’ll be spared by any flu. Been having flu on and off during my pregnancy.
  • Finally was able to buy a few baby items yesterday. The husband had no choice but to allow me as we had a fight early morning.
  • Today is the finals game of PBA. Praying that the husband wins the “ending.”

One win away

logo Tonight will be Game 6 for the PBA Motolite Fiesta Conference. Team standing is 3-2 in favor of the Ginebra Gin Kings. They are one win away to be the conference champion against the San Miguel Beermen. For sure the husband will be hooked watching it as he is an avid fan of the Ginebras. In short, bawal istorbohin. He also has a bet in their place’s “ending” so I wish he wins. Hehehe! The money will definitely go straight to my pocket, bwahahaha!

In his PE uniform

Let me just share with you my son wearing his PE uniform. Pardon the picture, this is the only decent picture he has wearing it.


Thank you

It has been a week now. I wasn’t able to celebrate my birthday on the day itself. I haven’t celebrated it yet.I’m still thinking whether to still celebrate it or not.

Thanks to my friend Jhong who made a post about me on my birthday itself. Thank you so much! You really made that day even more special. Now, I still believe there are still who love me beyond distance.

You can read the post here.

Collecting coins

I’m not in to collecting rare items and so is the husband. But whenever we see rare coins around, we don’t usually spend it and instead put it aside for other purposes. But I knew someone who really into collecting coins and goes out of his way to really find those old coins that are very rare. Some are older than him, can you imagine? Speaking of that old acquaintance, I just remember that he’ll be celebrating his birthday the same date as Tita Lai. I have to scout for those collectible items on the net  and look for something rare that he still doesn’t have for his gift. Bye!

Top ten Filipino blogs

I got this information from Spot.PH

These are the top ten Manila’s best-known money making bloggers.

  1. – owned by Enrico Dee. He earns around P20,000 to P40,000 a month.
  2. – owned by Jehzeel Laurente. He refused to divulge his online earnings, but rough estimate is P10,000 to P15,000 a month.
  3. – owned by Micaela Francesca Rodriguez. Estimated earnings is about P5,000 to P6,000per month.
  4. – owned by Abe Olandres. He earns around $5,000 a month for this blog.
  5. – owned by Juned Sonido. His first earning is around $40 to $70 a month. He now earns about P5,000 to P6,000 a month.
  6. / – owned by Fitz Villafuerte. He earns at least $1,000 a month.
  7. – owned by Winson Almendras. He earns an estimate of $50 to $100 a month.
  8. – owned by Anton Diaz. He usually earns P10,000 a month.
  9. – owned by Jayvee Fernandez. He earns P6,000 a month.
  10. – owned by Bryan Boy. He earns $1,000 a month.

To read more of the details, go here.


Today is officially my 32nd week of pregnancy. In short, I’m already 8 months pregnant. One more month and it’ll be most awaited and grand arrival of the little princess. I just hope she’ll still stay until my 38th week.

bath and body works As I hit this phase in my pregnancy, I am getting easily irritated with simple things. I want everything done in pronto. Of course, my nose is a little picky with what I smell. The only perfume  that I used now is the Warm Vanilla Sugar line of Bath and Body Works. This is my favorite Scent, as of the moment. I love that I smell like doughnut, like what my sister-in-law exclaimed when I used it, LOL!

Now, I’m getting busy with planning all the things we still need to buy for the baby. The hospital bag isn’t packed yet. I’m still preparing for my 100gm oral glucose test for tomorrow. I fervently pray that the results become negative of diabetes.


Our small family went to Alabang to celebrate Nanay’s 80th birthday and the blessing of the husband’s family business.

Sneek peak  of what happened yesterday:

IMG_2859 IMG_2943  IMG_2973  IMG_2981