Jewellery as investment

I am not getting any younger. Suffice to say, at this age, I should have had something as an investment. What was I thinking? Jewellery.

If money isn’t an issue, I would have several items. A diamond ring is the top of the list. Come on! Who wouldn’t like one? Any girl in town dreams to own a diamond ring – especially if it is gifted by someone special to them. However, our funds aren’t bottomless. Neither has it sufficed to our needs. So I better be grateful to own two pieces, a watch and a pair of earrings.

Whenever we go to malls, which we seldom do nowadays, I am often caught off guard by my dear husband staring at the glass display of a certain jewellery shop in awe of their vast display of jewellery items. He usually allows me to have my own window shopping time for a good five minutes before he scolds me to move on. Hmp!

I find my haven in window online shopping then. Haha! I own my time this time around. Let me tell you this certain website which started selling watches then expanded to offering authentic jewellery. offers wide variety of jewellery from necklaces, bracelets, pendants, charms, earrings and rings both for women and men.

dog tag One item caught my attention and it is the D&G Jewellery Silver Dog Tag Necklace. I so loved its polished stainless steel finish and the polished stainless steel plaque atop the brown leather back plate with D&G logo. It’s unisex so either the husband or I can wear it. Even my kiddo can as it has secure jewellery clasp fastening. No worries for me as I bet it wouldn’t be lost in an instant.

What’s good about this certain store is it accepts Paypal. Now I am itching to click on the “Add to Basket” button and purchase it. I am already picturing the look of my husband once the parcel arrives in our doorsteps. Haha!