God whispers today


Happy 5th birthday!

DSC00060To the person who taught me and my husband how to love unconditionally;

To the person who taught us be satisfied with all the blessing we are given;

To our hard-headed but kind-hearted son;

Happy 5th birthday CARL JOSHUA EMMANUELLE!

We (Mommy, Daddy and Claire) love you so dearly!

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

wednesday happy thoughts

1. “Notes” credited just in time for my boy’s party.

2. Joshua’s school party tomorrow.

3. Joshua’s turning 5 on Friday, time really do flies fast.

4. Claire expanding her vocabulary including the name of her kuya which she fondly calls “SA.”

5. Change of work schedule which means I can be able to squeeze in an hour to run.

6. Papa’s home for more than two weeks now.

7. God’s love and His presence.

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