Still breathing

I know. I know. I've been absent from the blogging world for a very long long time. I got pretty disappointed when things here in the office didn't work out fine. You all know what I've been ranting for some time now. All I can do right now is to bloghop, that's all. I can't even read messages from my cbox nor comments on my posts. How pathetic!

Anyways, was able to squeeze and connect to the new proxy that hasn't been configured yet. For all the tags and awards that I missed, I'll be catching up soon. I promise!

See you around mommies! Happy Easter to everyone!

My ultimate katangahan

Before I begin, let me just greet myself and my home a "HAPPY 3RD MONTHSARY!" I should be rejoicing, right? I can't.... I made my ultimate katangahan last week.

I'm an IT person, yeah right. Or should I say the worst in this field. After being absent from the blogging world last week - notice my previous posts - I thought of getting my own domain at WordPress. My boss can't block it since he's reading a blog own by someone from his past there. I thought that could make the trick of continuing my new found passion of blogging. So I giddily bought a domain in WordPress not knowing that there are still some things I need to consider. I asked Jane the whereabouts of it, but lo and behold, she answered back that I need someone to host my blog. WTF?! What's that?

I asked Jhong about it. That was when I realize I made my ultimate katangahan. I bought a domain without someone to host it. Oh no!!! Can somebody shed some light for me? Advices mommies please???

Still alive

I've been trying to squeeze some time to blog. I should have been rejoicing as my baby (blog) will be turning 3 months next week. But lo and behold, blogger has been blocked by my boss. Our team handles the proxy server. I'm itching to tweak some configuration just to give way to my blogging and tweak it back after I deliberately update my blog but I opt not to. I've been thinking of getting my own domain but still undecided where to get one. Any suggestions?

Good thing, we're setting up another proxy which haven't been configured full blast. I'm using the new proxy just for this post. I've got stories of Joshua's first encounter with Jollibee and his Ninang Jhong's gift - a swimsuit that he'll be using for his Ate Ally's 7th birthday on Sunday at e-Resort.

Promise, I'll try to update my blog every now and then. I've been a zombie for a week now - I'm hating graveyard shift as I can't use all my free time to blog. Huhuhu!

P.S. Mommy Peachy, congratulations for a new blessing in your family. Mommy Jane, welcome back from your short trip in Guam.

8 Facts about myself

Another tag from Abie. It it’s called “8 FACTS ABOUT MYSELF”. . Here it goes:

In the 8 facts about yourself, you share 8 things that your readers don’t know about you. Then at the end you tag at least 8 other bloggers to keep the fun going. Here are the rules.

RULES:* Each blogger must post these rules first.* Each blogger starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.* Bloggers that are tagged need to write on their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.* At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.* Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

1. I'm the eldest and only girl in the brood of three.
2. I was a SM scholar in college.
3. I'm a sucker of telenovelas (Kapamilya ako).
4. I often cry whenever I watch movies or TV shows.
5. I love eating cakes and chocolates (never get tired of it).
6. I'm afraid of heights but sucker of extreme rides.
7. I'm petite and I used to wear high heels in college but opt for flats nowadays.
8. I often think of what will others say whenever I make a decision.

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* Add your name after mine.

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Links around the world

I was tagged by Abie. Thanks for dropping my site, super sipag mo sis!

^_^ Start copying here: ^_^

This is the Links Around The World Tag.Instruction:
1. Place your link after the list. If you have more than 1 blog, feel free to add them all here!
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3. Here is the best part: Make sure to update your list every now and then, by getting the master list here. I’ll be updating the master list every day, or as soon as I see a new blog that’s been added to the list.

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Hope you can do this as well… Jane, Joy, Kelly, and Tet.

Tags and more tags

Sorry guys but I'll be bombarding my blog this day with tags. I haven't had the opportunity to grab opps lately so I'd update my "home" using these. Promise, I'll try to post a more personal story soon.


Received this in my YM.

"Plate No. VMM 507, van na white, yun daw ang nangunguha ng internal organs ng mga bata, pakiforward naman sa iba. Txt yan ng Vice Mayor ng Batangas. iforward po yan, hindi po yan biro, baka makita nyo ang van na yan, sacrifice plz.., bka makatulong kayo s mga bata na nawawala at mga kabataan."

I have heard about this news weeks ago. Jojo told me about this. This is freaky, I may say. I don't know if this is real or not. For me, it isn't bad to believe on this kind of stories whether or not this is for real. So to all mommies, please take extra care of your kiddos.

International Women's Day

I know this is late but I'm still posting it anyway...

My friend Joy forwarded me this sweet reminiscing of when and how the International Women's day has been sent forth to recollect the history behind it. And thanks for sharing this with me, Joy. Now, I am a woman, finally! lol! not a girl anymore! so I have the chance to celebrate it as well. Well, let's see when and how this special day has started. Just click here.

March 8 is International Womens Day. As a tribute to every beautiful women in the blogosphere I made this Award to all I know and let's say more closer to me. As women, let us continue to be a positive role models and as we celebrate this special day, let us remember those women who live in countries where the so called "women's right" is unheard of... where women are not even allowed to speak let alone shout about their oppressions. please pray for them. ~joydobA woman has strength that amaze men.
She can handle trouble and carry heavy burdens.
She holds happiness, love, and opinions.
She smiles when she feels like screaming.
She sings when she feels like crying,
cries when she's happy and laughs when she's afraid.
Her love is unconditional!
There's only one thing wrong with her,
She sometimes forgets what she is worth...

8 Random things about Joshua

I was tagged by Mich weeks ago. Thanks sis!
  1. Joshua was born March 4, 2006 at San Juan Medical Center via CSD due to fetal distress. I was in labor for more than 24 hours before he finally says "hello world!"
  2. He was advised to undergo a full blood transfusion the next day due to neonatal jaundice. After scouting for blood type AB (the doctors needed the same blood type as mine), he was cleared the day after.
  3. He stayed for 15 more days in the hospital after I was discharge. They need to give him antibiotics every 6 hours since his blood still has bacteria after repeatedly having blood culture.
  4. He is G6PD positive in his newborn screening test. He was later confirmed of the deficiency in National Institute of Health.
  5. He weaned himself from breastfeeding on his 6th month after having UTI.
  6. He sings his own lullabye before sleeping.
  7. He picks up clutter every time he sees one. He picks up the garbage bag whenever he hears the garbage collector. He picks up his toys and put it back on its boxes after playing.
  8. He hates others entering our room. He closes the door whenever someone attempts to get inside the room without his permission.

There are still a lot of to say about my little boy, the whole page might not be enough to cover everything. Let me just copy the lines from a movie that simply expresses who my little boy is for me… “YOU COMPLETE ME.”

It's your time to share about your kiddo Joy, Jenny and Ricka.

6 Quirky things about me

Thanks to Jane and Abie for this tag. It took me days to think which one would I include here, LOL!

The rules:

Link to the person that tagged you. Post the rules on your blog. Share six un-important things/habits/quirks about your self. Tag 6 random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs. Let these random people know that they are tagged by leaving comments in their blog. Let your tagger know when your entry is up.

Six Unimportant things/habits/quirks about myself.
  1. I'm snob - the usual first impression I got from anyone who I chance to meet. The very reason is that I don't mingle easily. It takes time before I warm up with other people.
  2. I was literally a SM mall rat who had spent 8 hours inside. I was able to do rounds in the entire mall of Bacolod, Lucena, Batangas, Lipa, DasmariƱas, Sta. Rosa, Bacoor, Southmall, Sucat, Bicutan, Mall of Asia, Manila, Centerpoint, Megamall, Podium, North Edsa (The Block) and Pampanga.
  3. I can't sleep without a blanket spread over my body from toe to chin. No matter how hot the weather is, I still need to have a blanket even for just a nap. What do I do when there's no blanket around? I uses my hanky. Go figure out how.
  4. I am tactless. I say what I feel and think.
  5. I am a walk out queen (talo ko pa si La Greta dito). Whenever I get mad or tampo with someone, I walked out of them. Next day, everything is a-OK as if nothing happened. My college friends can attest to that.
  6. I am afraid of heights. Even peeping in a window makes my knees tremble. However, I'm a lover of extreme rides.
Now share yours Tet, Jacqui, Jade, Joy, Mich and Vannie.

Jojo - my better half

Tagged by Jane. Thanks sis, I had fun doing this.
  1. How long did you date? Four years.
  2. How old is he? He's turning 25 this June.
  3. Who eats more? Both, we're both matakaw. Diet is not my vocabulary, LOL!
  4. Who said "I love you" first? Him, of course.
  5. Who is taller? He's taller by 4.5 inches. I'm so pandak.
  6. Who sings better? Him. I don't sing, period.
  7. Who is smarter? Me!!! Dy, you agree right?
  8. Whose temper is worse? I'd say mine. I nag. I hurt him. (I know, I know, I'm such a bad wifey)
  9. Who does the laundry? More often, me. He always has reasons to avoid doing the laundry though he help me at times.
  10. Who does the dishes? Both of us but I'd say I'm more tamad than him.
  11. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? The little boy.
  12. Who pays the bills? None other than me, he is still jobless at present.
  13. Who mows the lawn? Uhm, we don't have a lawn.
  14. Who cooks dinner? Him. He's a better cook than me.
  15. Who drives when you are together? No choice but him, I don't know how to drive kasi.
  16. Who is more stubborn? Him. He believes in what he thinks is right. No one can change that even me.
  17. Who kissed who first? He kissed me first.
  18. Who is the first to admit when they are wrong? Him. I'm a best actress so as you all know.
  19. Whose parents do you see most? Mine. We're living with them.
  20. Who proposed? Him.
  21. Who is more sensitive? I am.
  22. Who has more friends? Him.
  23. Who has more siblings? Him.
  24. Who wears the pants in the family? I'd say him.
It's your turn to share Kelly, Tet, and Ems.

Mama's broken eyeglasses

My mom recently texted me that my little boy just broke her glasses. Good thing I was able to scout online and found a Great Discovery: Zenni Optical $8 Glasses. I'll be choosing this black lightweight full-rim frame of metal alloy with stainless steel temples for her. This can be found with the rest of Zenni Optical $8 RX Eyeglasses at Now, I just need her approval before I purchase the Best Thing found: Zenni Optical $8 Glasses for my loving mom.

Graveyard shift

It's been 3 days now since I had the graveyard shift again. No, I'm not complaining as the company or should I say the boss allows us to grab a few hours of sleep once all tickets are raised and tasks are done (I can actually grab a sleep from 3am to 6am). However, this week has been a hell for me. There were men working in the wee hours of the morning here drilling something I don't know near our area. What I agonize most is that I need to hold my pee not until they were done with whatever they're doing. They were working inside the girls' restroom. Gawd! I just suffered UTI months ago. Now, I think I'm back with taking antibiotics soon again. Huhuhu...

Brush it up!

Vannie wanted to know what do I consider in buying a hair groomer. Like her, I was a Hair Doctor user since high school. The very reason is that it doesn't tangle my hair (I'm prone to having split ends) and it fits in my pocket.

How about you Jane, Jacqui, and Abie?

The Longest Line

I was tagged by Abie and Leah to be part of the longest human line.

Rule: Copy the entire list and add your name on the person who tagged you. Then tag at least 5 friends (but you can tag as many as you like) and visit their blog to let them know you tagged them.
I'm tagging Tet, Toni, Eds, Kathy, and Melisse.

Awards and more awards

Just came back from a 3-day rest yesterday when I was welcomed by my blog with awards given by some of my blog mates. Receiving such makes me realize that aside from earning extras, you can also meet good friends here.

Drum roll please... Presenting the award I received from Lhen, I just wished this has credits too so I can max it out, LOL!Next are the fab awards from Jane. Sis, do you think my blog is really fab?And last but not the least are the awards from Juliet. Thank you for loving my blog.Passing this on to Abie, Jacqui, Peachy, Tet and Toni.

To do's

I owe my blogmates a lot of tags and awards but I still can't do it tonight. I've got tons of pendings tasks (not opps, too bad). I'll just post it here so I won't forget. I'm becoming too forgetful, blame it all on my general anaesthesia two years ago.

• Blogging Friends Forever Award from Lhen
• Fab Friends Award from Jane
• Multiple Friends Award from Juliet

• 8 Random Things about Joshua from Mich
• 6 Quirky Things about me from Jane and Abie
• The Longest Line from Abie and Leah
• Message in a Bottle from Joy
• Brush it up from Vannie

I swear, I'll be posting all of these things when I'm into the groove again.

Happy Birthday Joshua

It's my little boy's 2nd birthday today so I wasn't able to update my blog. I took a leave yesterday. I was so exhausted to do groceries and last minute shopping of the little boy's small party at our house. Pics to be posted soon.

Happy birthday baby! Meme and Daddy love you so much!