Howdy! Howdy!

What’s up everybody?

Oh yeah! I am still alive and kickin’. Well, sort of.

Been out of the blogging world for almost a month now thanks to major changes in our lives. First, I was occupied with scouting for a new school for my eldest. No, I love his former school but we had no choice but to look for another one as we are moving out of the city we were before. Second, the big move. We now lived in an apartment so close to my husband’s work. Third, we need to look for a nanny for my youngest – this has not been accomplished at the time being. So yeah, we are still not yet settled so to speak.

Lastly, work load. Been working six days straight now but had no choice. My buddy lost his father last Friday so he is on a weeklong leave leaving me alone during our shift.

That’s for now guys. Still need to look out for Wellbutrin Lawsuit. I heard one of the best attorneys were the one below:

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