Team Edward

Can’t wait for Eclipse? It’s only..

Eclipse Movie and Breaking Dawn

Now showing: UP

Joshua’s night routine includes:

  • Playing
  • Eating dinner
  • Brushing his teeth
  • Taking a bath
  • Drinking his milk
  • Watching UP


It has been two weeks now that the little boy, err, kuya has been watching this movie. He loves it to bits. Often times when we are all sleepy, we let him watch it all by himself. He would wake his dad then (around 11pm or 12mn) to remove the laptop on the bed – no need to shut it down as he knows what to do. He knows the story very well and even lines from the movie itself.

  • Good afternoon, my name is Russel, a wilderness explorer in tribe 54…
  • Snipe (clap three times), here Snipey Snipey..
  • The wilderness must be explored, caw, caw, roar! – with matching actions
  • Cross your heart, cross it!

It’s the time of the year

of gift giving, that is. Wherever I go, I can see and feel that Christmas is around the corner. Long queue of cabs, long queue of free gift wrapping, traffic everywhere. This is the time of the year when cash out is bigger than cash in. Nevertheless, this still makes people festive, I included.

seikoBeen very, very busy this past few days going to different malls scouting for perfect gifts for my loved ones. Never mind that I’ll be stuck in the traffic afterwards. I am almost complete with my Christmas shopping, the only thing that lacks is the watch I was looking for my mother.

Good thing, online shopping has been invented and I saw right away the Seiko Ladies Coutura Diamond Watch my mother loved to have. Thanks to ShopWiki for making my shopping less stressful. Now, all I need to do is to click Add to Cart. Got to go now, still has plenty of gifts to wrap.

God’s reminder

Me and my babies


Joshua’s Christmas Party

The little boy had his first taste of Christmas party in school. All three levels were merged into one and had it held at Jollibee Lianas Alabang. Joshua had all fun and even join the games. There were no exchange gifts but instead, the parents bought gifts for their own kid. He has giddy happy when he was called for his gift (a robot). After the party, off we went to Shopwise Santana Groove to have dinner at bought milk for him and diapers for Claire.