Sick Joshua again

The little boy is sick again. This time, it’s a combo of fever, colds and cough. Blame it all to the weather. One minute, it’s scorching hot. The next minute, it’s cold. Argh! The little boy is extra clingy to me because of this. No coaxing from the dad or my mom can ever let him go away from me. They can’t even pacify him whenever he cries. To put things simple, I’m one person who haven’t had a decent sleep for a couple of days now. No, I don’t blame the little boy as this has been happening every time he is sick. I just hope he gets well soon so that I can even have four straight hours of sleep.

PS. We went to his uncle pedia today to have him check and get other prescriptions from him. Afterwards, we went to Festival Mall to eat. Since he’s getting fascinated now with trains, we let him ride the “chiw chiw” as he fondly calls it. Before the train starts, he shouted “daddy wait ha” – to our amusement. He’s been talking like an adult already.


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