Mind over matter

When I conceived Joshua, when every first time Mom wishes to have a baby girl, I wished and set my mind that I am having a baby boy. I never had the chance to have an older brother (or even an older sister) so I really prayed for a boy. Weird, don’t you think?

Good thing, the Man above granted my wish and gave me a boy. Now, I’m setting my mind of having a baby girl.

As with Joshua, we are preparing him to be a Kuya. We called him Kuya and whenever we call him baby, he’d say that he isn’t a baby anymore. He is a Kuya.

He usually talks to the baby more often than he talks to us lately. He would pull up my top to reveal my tummy, kiss my tummy, hug my tummy, share his toys and even ask what the baby is doing (which I answered back, nagswiswimming, LOL!)

Me: (making my voice small as to make me sound like a baby) Kuya Joshua, boy ikaw?
Joshua: Yes.
Me: Si Daddy?
Joshua : Boy.
Me : Si Mommy ?
Joshua : Girl.
Me: Ako?
Joshua: Boy.
Me: Hindi, girl ako.
Joshua: Hindi, boy kaw.

Oh no… It seems, I have a tough competition as Joshua wants the baby to be a boy too.


One response to “Mind over matter”

Vanniedosa said...
March 27, 2009 at 11:00 AM

how cute, ozzy would talk to my tummy too :) ahahaha

when i asked him before sabi nya he likes a girl. weeee ^_^ sana nga girl for us both!