Officially a preschooler

Monday was the start of class for Joshua in a Day Care center near the husband’s place. We opt to enroll him first in a Day Care as he might not enjoy school and decide not to go to school anymore after.

No pictures yet as he isn’t wearing uniform. The uniform was a bit big for him so we asked for a replacement to a smaller size. The schedule of class is 12nn to 2pm and we were already there by fifteen minutes before 12nn. Talk about the mommy being excited here.

When we were already there, he took a seat near Sergio (the husband’s cousin’s son). I bid him goodbye and he immediately said “Bye Mommy!”

Wow! He doesn’t seem to look like a first-timer there. Some of his classmates went crying went the teacher advised the parents to go out of the room already. My little boy, on the other hand, was so cool about being in school. The teacher even told me after school that she was quite amused seeing my little boy not crying at all.

The next day, the husband texted me around 12nn that Joshua had a boo-boo in school. He didn’t made the little boy wear diapers and so, he peed on his pants. LOL!

The husband was thinking of giving the little boy multiplayer games as a reward for being such a good boy in school. My little boy is indeed a preschooler now, officially.


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