Busy, busy bee

Today is the most hectic day of all the days in the week. Me being busy is an understatement.  I have tons of to do’s lined up in my desk right now. That doesn’t include my personal to do’s which reminds me to go to the nearby drugstore later as I forgot to bring my medicines again, for the nth time.

Our weekends were spent at home, at least for me and the little boy. We had the whole Saturday spent inside a clinic. The morning was spent for the little boy’s vaccine while the afternoon was spent for my prenatal check-up. Just few more weeks and our little princess will have her grand entrance.

The husband spent his Sunday in Alabang helping his cousins in preparation for the soft opening / blessing of the family’s apartelle on Wednesday, Nanay’s birthday and grand opening the day after.

I need to write down things to do as lately, I’ve been forgetting a lot of things. Gawd! I’m not sure though if this is because of my pregnancy or is it a sign of aging. LOL! Which reminds me, I’ll be turning a year older next week.

Anyways, I have to go now. The husband is bugging me to look for Automotive Marketing which I have to write down on my long to do list. Ciao!


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