Tita Lai

lai and chatWe first met when I started to work at SMPHI. She was ever bubbly and full of life. We instantly click. She’s just few years older than me but I fondly called her Tita Lai. We shared secrets and I thank her for covering me up with our boss during those days. She has been promoted several times during my stay with the company but that didn’t change her of how she treats us. I got her as Joshua’s ninang although they haven’t seen each other for quite some time now. I thank God for allowing me to be friend with such a wonderful person inside and out. And on her special day, I prayed that she would finally find the right man for her and that she would forever be happy.

Happy birthday bru. I miss you and see you soon. San ang treat mo? Hahaha!tita lai


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Anonymous said...
August 7, 2009 at 8:31 AM

Chatty... kakatouch naman to. Labyah so much. :)