How I wish

  • we can survive in a one-income household. With this, I can be a SAHM and be with my kids. I knew they'll be kids  only for few years and I want to be with them during those years. In a few years, they won't be needing me as much as they needed me now.
  • my boss wouldn't hire the female applicant. I know I'd be selfish to wish for that. Having another female in the team would mean I have to follow the 24/7 shifting schedule. No special treatment for me then.
  • the husband agrees to have Joshua enrolled in Ann Arbor Montessori for the next school year. I know, the tuition fee will get a big chunk on our budget. It means a big sacrifice for us, no more "wants" for us, only "needs".  Being the mother and being hard headed, I still insist to send him in a Montessori school rather than the traditional one.
  • my wishes came true. Bro, please hear me and grant my prayer.


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