Another lawyer is in the house


The whole family of hubby was in festive mood last weekend. The reason, another lawyer is in the house. My SIL has passed the 2009 Bar Exam.

I'd say I almost had a heart attack last Friday. I was still in the office (my schedule was midshift) when the husband asked me to check online if the result has already been released by Supreme Court since they announced the result will be released at 6pm. It was like past 7 or 8 in the evening if I remember it right that I was frantically refreshing the site every 5 minutes or so.

I was even online in FB checking for updates. By 10pm, finally the result has been released simultaneously. My heart beats faster and faster every single second that I really thought I'd have a heart attack - seriously. The loading of the page was so slow, I tell you. It took almost 12 minutes to show the names with MO as start of last name. I stopped when I saw her name and took a screenshot as proof.

attyI can’t explain how I felt when I saw her name. I felt for moment, my heart stopped. Gawd!, I texted her and the husband immediately. She, together with her niece and nephew, was already on their way home as they got bored waiting for the result. They were screaming and shouting inside the jeepney by then. (The next day, she told me I was the one who broke the good news to her.)

Whoah! Finally, her journey has ended and a new one has just begun. As the usual joke in the family, Joshua and Claire can now go bad as they have another lawyer who'll defend them in court.

Congrats ate!
Congrats Atty. Maria Cecilia Moldez!


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