Maundy Thursday

It's Maundy Thursday today in this part of the world and here I am, spending my so-called lenten season at work. I have a document, a training manual that is, that needs to be submitted to my boss on Monday. Plus, I with my other teammate needs to clean up our PABX system and update our Network Directory.

Geesh! I'm not actually sure if we can finish it until tomorrow. We don't want to go OT on Saturday and worst on Sunday.

Speaking of working during the holiday, it makes me wonder, am I ready for the direction of our team to go 24/7 on May?

Good thing my boss is understanding enough, and so are my teammates, to make in still in morning shift until Claire turns 1. Ain't that great? Yeah, maybe.

Off I go now as my hands are full with to do's including a research on how to buy gold coins. Ciao now!


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