Congrats to V + J

I just heard that our colleague V’s wife J gave birth to a bouncing baby boy last Monday. When I was still in night shift, I heard the news that J was already in labor before the Halloween. We were even joking V that his baby might feel coming out either on Halloween or on All Saint’s day. It didn’t progress though and when her OB checked her last Monday, her water is almost drained so they have no choice but to perform an emergency Caesarian Section on her. No matter how expensive the operation is, V agreed. Besides, they waited for the baby for more than five years. We haven’t visited them but we heard they are already discharged from the hospital. I have to drop by the mall first and buy a present for the baby, cute boys clothes will do, I hope so. Or should I ask V instead? He might need tons and tons of diapers or even formula milk, if J does not breastfeed their baby. Ah, I miss having a baby around the house. I miss its smell. I miss the cry. But no, I don’t want to have a baby anymore. Two is enough for me.


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