Baby clothes = memories

I was in the mood to clean our room last weekend and that includes my kids’ closet. After the whole sorting of which has to go and which has to stay, I was shocked to see that I was able to full a box up to its brim. Oh wow! I didn’t know my kids were able to accumulate tons of clothes in the past years. Most of them were gifts from friends and family members during their birthdays and Christmas seasons. Those clothes will either be given to charity or to my younger cousins based in the province. It was hard to let go those baby clothes my kids’ wear when they were still babies. However, their closet is not that big enough to house them anymore so I have no choice but to give it away. Although I am a little sad about letting those go, that only means I have enough reason to shop for them again. Weeh! I am sure the husband wouldn’t whine with the idea most especially when almost all malls in the metro are having sale. Actually, he only allows me to shop whenever there is a sale. As he says, I am uncontrollable when it comes to shopping.


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