A very bad news

Our Human Resource manager called for a meeting yesterday and attendance is a must for all employees with PTT as their tax code. They announced a very, very bad news from our BIR. I’ll tell the story soon.

After the meeting, almost all employees are whining. Some even cried, including myself. No, we won’t be losing our job. The announcement has a major impact on our earnings for the coming year. I immediately called the husband to relay the news to him. We even called lawyers and certified public accountants with tax specialty to discuss the matter with them. The husband and I have to earn more next year, which made me think of putting up on online business. I am thinking of selling clothes for babies and kids. Baby clothing would surely be a hit to mothers most especially if I would sell imported brands in a cheaper cost. It could either be pre-order or on-hand. I am already drafting a proposal to the husband and if he allows me to venture on to this business, I will go full blast first quarter of next year. Hopefully, the income the business will generate can help or more so, suffice our needs.


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