He's affected?

We were watching Stuart Little 2 last night and the first few scenes makes Joshua thrilled. He makes kwento of what happened as if we weren't there watching it. Hehehe!

Everything changed when he saw Margalo which he calls "Ming-ming too." I'm telling you, he's addicted to Wonderpets that he calls animals that looks almost like Ming-ming as "Ming-ming too." Fast forward, he started crying when Falcon gets Margalo. I heard him saying "Wawa Ming-ming too!" (poor Ming-ming too), and hubby and I started to giggle. Few minutes after, I saw tears in his eyes. He really was crying. After the movie, he was still sobbing until he falls asleep.

Did he understand the story? Did he really got affected with Margalo? Oh my, he's really a big boy, don't you think?


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