In borderline

Our company’s annual PE results were released yesterday. I knew there was something wrong with my results right there and then when our nurse called me up and told me to go to the clinic. I never thought that mine was something serious – that is based on how I perceived what the doctor told me. I need to strictly go on a diet, not because I’m getting bigger but because I’m already in the border line. I am in the border line of my uric acid count and sugar level count. Not to count, they already saw kidney stones forming. I immediately texted hubby and told him “I’m dying!” Harharhar!

I need to cut my sweets. I need to cut my protein in-take. I need to drink water, water and more water!

I just need to strictly follow the diet advised to me just for two months so that I can enjoy the holiday. This is killing me already, LOL!


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