To send him or not

In five months time, the little boy will turn three. I guess it's not too early but I'm already contemplating whether to send him to school or not next year. See, he's been turning into a brat. He wails everytime we don't give in to what he wants. He has been the boss everytime we are home. He does it too when we are out.

Now, I was thinking of sending him to school. I'm thinking he needs playmates. He needs to learn how to socialize. Maybe, that could change his attitude. I'm hoping...

The schools that I've been shortlisting are:
1. OB Montessori Las Piñas
2. San Beda College Alabang
3. PAREF Southridge
4. ICA Parañaque.

I need to start inquiring about how much the tuition fee ranges. I need to prepare our finances for next year.

Hubby says if we can afford it, I say we will afford it.

Positive thinking don't you think? Yes, I'll do whatever to send him to a good school. That's all I can afford.


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