Which one to choose?

Yesterday, I was contemplating of whether to get the Starbucks 2009 Planner or the Belle de Jour 2009 Power Planner. I was noting points of which one to get before I can decide.

Starbucks Planner
• I haven’t seen it.
• It’ll be my third planner from them, if ever.
• I need to consume 20+ fraps before I can get it, which means I need to spend roughly 3k to get it.

Belle de Jour Planner
• First time to have one, if ever
• I like the cover
• Cost is only P598

But then again, hubby reminded me of my supposedly diet because of what I posted here. So, he advised me to get the Belle de Jour. When I heard the go signal, I immediately reserved one.

Yehey! I am so excited to hold my very first Belle de Jour. Be an IT girl too!


One response to “Which one to choose?”

- mayang - said...
October 22, 2008 at 4:48 AM

hi chat! mae here.
i have the 2008 and i love the freebies/ certs, enjoy yours!

.. blog hop lang :)