I’ve got a lot of things that wanted to post. Too many that I don’t know which one should I post first. Everyone is still gloomy at home, most especially the husband after the death of his brother. I, on the other hand, have a lot of issues to face in the office. No, it’s not about me but about the projects for next year. We’ll be having a meeting by next week for this. I’m not in night shift anymore though I am still adjusting for the new schedule. Just imagine, just for this week, I’ve been late for twice already. Argh!

There are a lot of things in my mind as this year ends. Plans for next year that I still hope will push through. A lot of plans for next year won’t push through after what happened just a couple of weeks ago, I just hope we can still have a 3-day vacation either in Bohol or in Bora or Palawan maybe. Our plan of having another baby next year won’t push through too. I have one condition to the husband before getting pregnant again. My surname should change first before the second baby, hahaha!

Many have been rejoicing for all the extra non-working holiday aside from me. We still need to go to the office. The Christmas and New Year is still a holiday, of course.

This would be extra moolah for me this January. Very, very timely for our fifth anniversary. I plan to give him a photo book as a gift but I haven’t started anything yet. I also want to try Massage Pour Deux at The Spa.

So much for now as I still need to research for something. I just got a text message from the husband asking if I can look for articles about 5.11 Tactical for my sister-in-law who is waiting for the result of her bar exam.


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