Snake in the office

My boss messaged me just few minutes ago. There's a snake inside our room. Apparently, since we have issues of other people here in the company who blogs while at work, we blocked all blog sites. This I have been ranting several months ago. The turn of events has made me able to go back to blogging several times.

Going back to my boss, he was told by our manager that if we were the ones who blog, why should we block the others. After this, he heard this certain snake giving comments about blogging yesterday. My boss is now sure who gives that information to our manager.

The snake is really annoying. Why wouldn't he see himself who just surf and sleep at work. Don't you think somebody should tell the manager of what he does? It's kinda unfair to our group since I am the only one who blogs, I am the only one who is affected.

I don't want to give up on blogging. This is my only avenue to release my stress and what nots.

I wouldn't be shocked if one time, my boss will tell me to stop scrapbooking as he often see me doing one whenever I don't have task to do.

It only means one thing, wherever we are, there will always be a snake around.


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