Angels and Demons

Spoiler ahead.

angels-demons-tsr-poster-is-fullThe husband and I were able to watch the most awaited movie of the year last Tuesday. What can I say about the movie? I was disappointed.

If I didn’t read the book, I would for sure love the movie. The whole story was changed. There are missing characters that played important role in the story. Leonardo Vetra and Vittoria became partners instead of father and son. I was waiting for the plane that took Robert from the US to Geneva in 1 hour, but it wasn’t shown in the movie. Instead, Robert was fetched by a Vatican police. Vittoria is wearing shorts in the book but wears formal attire in the movie. There are a lot of important scenes that were deleted in the movie.

Instead of four cardinals being killed, there was only three. The last one was saved and became Pope in the later part of the story. The killer was so mabait for letting Robert and Vittoria go, the book says otherwise even wanting to rape Vittoria. The reporter from BBC who had scoops about the killings weren’t included.

The camerlegno killed himself without knowing that he’s the son of the late Pope. (This I believe they purposely not shown in the movie to avoid Catholic criticisms.)

Overall, the whole scene was a-ok. The blast from the antimatter was really good, not a simple make belief. One would think the scenes were shot inside the Vatican. The colors and the images were all vivid.

So, if you would want to watch the movie, better not read the book or you too might get disappointed like me.


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