Shell Ferrari model car with real engine sound

DSC02389Before sharing with you an anecdote from my son about this car, I’ll first share his shots from our ever reliable P&S cam.

         DSC02384  DSC02385 DSC02386

The story behind the car (Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano):

Last Friday night, while I prepare Joshua for bed, I told him that we are going to Manaoag tomorrow morning with Papa Boy (husband’s father) so he needs to sleep early. I also told him that we’ll be buying the car he wants. Instantly, he blurted out:

“Hindi car bili Papa Boy, PSP. Daddy bili car kasi kaya nya bili yun. PSP kay Papa Boy.”

I lost words when I heard that, but I can’t help but laugh. The husband was on our bed and definitely heard that but I commented:

“Dy, narinig mo yun? Ang baba ng tingin ng anak mo sa’yo.”

We were laughing out hard after that. I wonder where did he get such idea. Hmm…


One response to “Shell Ferrari model car with real engine sound”

Vanniedosa said...
May 27, 2009 at 11:36 AM

cute naman :)

my joshua has one like that too in red. hehe simple joys or boys