manaoagI’m so excited as my FIL asked us if we wanted to come with them to Manaoag tomorrow. Of course, I accepted the offer. We’ll be hitting the road by 4am. I just hope the little boy will cooperate. This would be our very first pilgrimage, it the plans will push through.

According to their website, the church of Our Lady of Manaoag was established 400 years ago. The ivory image was brought in our country by Padre Juan de San Jacinto from Spain via Acapulco after ten years. According to folk tradition, the Blessed Mother Mary herself designated the place where the church would be built. The church and the image passed through unnumbered historical events, and remain unmoved by them.

On Sept 1925, the Papal Rescript granting approval for the canonical coronation of Our Lady was received in Manaoag.


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