Random thoughts

  • In 4 weeks time, I can safely give birth na. There is still no definite schedule but my OB has advised me that it can be as early as 16th of next month to the 21st.
  • All the while I thought I was scammed by a multiply seller where I ordered Born Free bottles for the princess. We were able to talk yesterday and was advised that after waiting for almost 3 months, the bottles are already on her house. Sad part, the bottles had scratches daw so instead of sending me 4 sets, 1 set lang yung for shipment. She has to return the others daw. To cut the long story short, I refunded the excess. I don’t want to get stressed out by this. My problem now is where to look for such bottles online na on-hand na.
  • I hate the rain. It makes me weak again. I’m praying that this time, I’ll be spared by any flu. Been having flu on and off during my pregnancy.
  • Finally was able to buy a few baby items yesterday. The husband had no choice but to allow me as we had a fight early morning.
  • Today is the finals game of PBA. Praying that the husband wins the “ending.”


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