Joshua updates


* He loves going to school now. Every single day  (even weekends) he would get up early and say he'll go to school. His teacher always asks the husband if the boy is really three years old only. He behaves well daw kasi. Only in school though.

* He is one of the few kids I knew who doesn't love hotdogs. He prefers chicken (loves to eat soft bones) and fish (eats even the eye part of it).

* He loves to talk to my tummy and his baby sister needs to talk back to him. He once said “gusto ko din dyan sa loob.”

* He has fascination with big things. He wanted a big house, big television, etc, etc. So when the husband and I needs to go to work, he’d ask us when we got home if we have money na to buy a big house, blah blah blah.

* He seemed to understood what death means. He doesn't want us to die as he would bluntly say "wala na siyang mommy or daddy."

* He still needs to be lulled to sleep, even for just a few minutes. This started when we introduced his little sister (inside my tummy).

* And lately, I guess with the near arrival of his baby sister, he would want me to cuddle him to sleep. He can't sleep on his own now.


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