Today is officially my 32nd week of pregnancy. In short, I’m already 8 months pregnant. One more month and it’ll be most awaited and grand arrival of the little princess. I just hope she’ll still stay until my 38th week.

bath and body works As I hit this phase in my pregnancy, I am getting easily irritated with simple things. I want everything done in pronto. Of course, my nose is a little picky with what I smell. The only perfume  that I used now is the Warm Vanilla Sugar line of Bath and Body Works. This is my favorite Scent, as of the moment. I love that I smell like doughnut, like what my sister-in-law exclaimed when I used it, LOL!

Now, I’m getting busy with planning all the things we still need to buy for the baby. The hospital bag isn’t packed yet. I’m still preparing for my 100gm oral glucose test for tomorrow. I fervently pray that the results become negative of diabetes.


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