Forgetful I am

Today is our 15th President Noynoy Aquino’s inauguration. The incumbent President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo announced this day as Noynoy’s Day (a non-working holiday). No school for my kiddo Joshua, but still work for me.

I am at work right now. No choice but to report to work as our team now operates 24/7. The kuya tagged along and so far so good, he is behave playing games in one of our PCs. I am kinda sleepy as I tend to the little girl who is sick. We are administering meds right now and hopefully by the end of this week, she is all well. I know I’ve got tons to do but I tend to forget everything once I stare at my monitor. My boss would definitely kill me once he learned all my pending stuff. Haha! Blame it all to my epidural shots (twice!). Gawd! I still need to research about where to buy gold eagle coins now. Tada!


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