The Karate Kid

June is almost over. Only a few more days and we’re entering my birthday month. Well, I’m not actually excited about it as I don’t plan to celebrate my birthday. I started not to celebrate my natal day after I had my first born. Anyhow, before the fuss of Father’s Day on Sunday, the husband and I had a quick movie date yesterday to watch “The Karate Kid.”

karate kid

Although I have read a lot of negative comments about the movie, stating Jaden Smith got the lead role because his father Will Smith was the producer, that there is no need to do a remake of the original movie, blah, blah, blah – I was still excited to watch the movie. It was a feel good movie and I felt the emotions of the characters most especially the bully. In short, mababaw lang akong tao.

The story revolved in the life of Dre Parker (Jaden Smith) from Detroit who moved in to China with his mother. On their first day, he was bullied on the park. He then got afraid learning that the bully was also studying on the same school his mother sent him. As the movie progresses, he was then attack by the bullies (all six of them) and this time Mr. Han (Jackie Chan), whom he met as the maintenance man, helped him and trained him to face the bullies  at an upcoming kung fu tournament.

The learning system revolved on Dre’s attitude of not putting the jacket on the rack whenever he arrives home. And so, Mr. Han taught him kung fu by putting a jacket on, taking it off, hanging it up, and taking it down.


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