Living Separately

I just received an alarming text message from the husband.

Me, sabi nla dun daw tyo tmira smin sbi nanay kkusapn daw nya cla mama.. sbi din ni tita merced.

Oh no! This message got me teary eyed and in panic mode. I can't really explain as to why I loathe living with my in-laws. Let me just put it simply by saying I am not comfortable living with them. There is actually no issues about us. It's just it isn't my world.

We are in quite rocky times, financially speaking. And living with them is a great help. But I still prefer to go into that state rather than to live with them.

We are living with my parents, but technically lives in a separate household. Meaning, we do our own laundry, cook our own food, have our own electric and water bill, etc. Though we are living in a "studio-type condo" room size, I am loving every independence we have. I can do whatever I can do, the kids can do whatever they can do.

My mom is accessible. I can easily ask favors upon favors when it comes to my kids. She looked after my youngest when I am out or in the office without compain. My aunt, who lives next door, accompanies my eldest to school and waits until it the kid's time to go home.

I am starting to get stressed out as the husband is buying the idea of living with his parents. See, everything revolves in the idea of "comfortability."


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