Concrete polishing tools

My dad was a carpenter and I grow up without him. We have the common story of a poor family whose one parent needs to work in a foreign land just to survive. At first, I didn’t understand it. Years later, with his perseverance, he becomes a foreman and later on a contractor. Even though his paycheck increases, we still live in a shabby house which floor only has concrete polishing. I remember I always rant and say it’s so odd to have a father who makes mansions for other families and yet lives in a shanty. We didn’t get all we want. We didn’t live a luxurious life. We weren’t able to tour even just Hong Kong or Singapore. We seldom go out of town and it is, most of the time, in my mother’s hometown. We seldom eat out, goes to the mall to shop or to watch cinema. We weren’t sent to an exclusive school. Instead, my father invested his meager earnings buying construction tools and concrete polishing tools such as a concrete polisher which is used to progressively ground the chemical treated concrete. When I become an adult, I realized that even though we still live in a shanty, what my father invested is not the house we live nor will the material things we have but rather the home and the family we have and we cherish for the rest of our lives.


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