Printer cartridges again?

It’s a weekend! And when everyone else is spending their time with their kids, here I am spending my time as a corporate slave. Times such as this, I wished we are wealthy enough so we can afford me not working. It’s a far cry from reality but I wish luck would side us and eventually, we could things we wish we could. But for now, all we can do is to save. Speaking of saving up, I am about to scold my youngest brother who happens to be a freshman in college who consumed our printer cartridges so fast that I do not know if he is printing an entire encyclopedia. I just bought a toner refill two weeks ago, and now he sent me a text message asking me to buy another laser printer cartridge as the last one I bought doesn’t work anymore. He said he has tons of assignments and projects that need to be printed as soon as possible, that’s why. And so, after work, I have to brave the mall to buy another one. I hate going to the mall most especially if they are throwing sales as there are tons and tons of people who don’t even care if they bump you.


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