Dear Kuya

Time really flies so fast. We last saw you in Shopwise telling us that you have flu again. You didn’t even allow Joshua to go near you as he might catch your virus. We never thought that was the last time we will ever see you.

I can vividly remember the dreadful days – the six short days you battled for your life. The night you drove yourself to the hospital. The night we received a text from Kuya Oliver that you were in the ICU. The morning Jojo rushed to the hospital as you were already in the 50-50 state. The day you were transferred to Asian Hospital. The good news that you’re BP is okay. The text message I got from Jojo telling me to go to Asian as he needs someone to comfort him. The news that your body doesn’t accept any medicines anymore. The doctor’s question to Sharon if we are a Catholic. The hour we fetch your daughter Ally from school. The call from Sharon telling us that you are gone.

Everything was so brief. You didn’t even show signs that you are going. There are a lot of regrets from us. There are a lot of if only in our mind but it wouldn’t matter anymore. We have whole hearted set you free as we know are you being comforted by God’s embrace. You will never feel pain anymore.

Even in my short encounter with you, there’s a big spot for you in my heart. I cannot express how much I have been grateful for what you have done to us. I may be only new in the family, but I saw how good a person you are. If not because of you, Jojo, Mama, Ate Maricel and Nene would not have a lived a comfortable life. If not because of you, we could have suffered when I gave birth to Joshua. If not because of you, Joshua could not have been in tip top shape when he gets ill.

You have been a good doctor not just in the family but everyone you held your clinic. There isn’t anything else we hear but how good you are as a doctor, as a friend and as a person. It’s sad though that you won’t see Ging, Ally and Kean grow. It’s sad though that Kean will only see you in videos and pictures.

Rest in peace now Kuya. Thank you for everything. We love you dearly.

kuya dennis

   Dr. Dennis A. Moldez
Sept 13, 1971 - Nov. 21, 2008


One response to “Dear Kuya”

myla said...
December 3, 2008 at 9:41 AM

hi! just wanted to extend my condolences to the family of dr dennis. he is my son's pedia. i went to his wake with my hubby. still couldn't get over what happened kaya ako nag search sa net until i stumbled sa blog mo. so glad to have a glimpse of him here. =)

i just wrote a blog about him and my son last night. please check it out.

we will surely miss him...
may he rest in peace...