Twilight Saga

Gawd! I can't help myself with this Twilight Saga. Would you believe I just started last week and I'm done with Eclipse. I'm thinking of starting Breaking Dawn tonight but I might end up bitin. I get so kilig picturing Edward. Now, this addiction is a little secret with the husband. Harharhar! He might kill me when he reads this, LOL! Anyways, this is just a mere fantasy hubby.

You'd still be my Edward. Bwahaha!


One response to “Twilight Saga”

-V said...
November 19, 2008 at 2:35 PM

oh my gosh - breaking dawn is the BEST! read it slowly ; baka after u'l feel sad wala nang kasunod - hehehe ^_^

oh did you say MY edward? hahaha