Pardon me if I wasn't able to update this blog for a couple of weeks now. I've been stressed the past few weeks as the little boy wasn't home. Call it separation anxiety. The little boy seems to have a grand time there as he was always in a hurry whenever I call. This makes me cry.

They spent a week there and they arrived just this Saturday night. I totally freaked out when I heard the little boy cough so hard that we went to his uncle pedia the very next morning. Of course, we were scolded by hubby's brother.His cough was on and off the past few months that we even had an x-ray to check if the little boy has problems with his lungs. Apparently, there were none.

We spent the day in Festival Mall for the little boy's Pixie Forest treat. Afterwards, we head to Mercury Drug to buy his medicines and nebulizer. Good thing, the little boy takes his medicines without tantrums. The nebulizer is another issue though. Our room looks like a hospital's private room with his medicines, nebulizer and few snacks on our night table.

I just hope the little boy gets well soon.

On the other hand, I am in night shift again. I dread this month. I set my mind that this shift will end soon.


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