Happy Happy Happy

Yes, I am indeed one happy gal this night. As many of you guys knew, mababaw lang ang kaligayahan ko, LOL!

Arrived in the office and a package is waiting for me. It's my 2009 Belle de Jour Power Planner. When I open it, should I say, I fell inlove with it. Iba pala talaga ang feeling when you see it in person rather than seeing it sa web.

Then while I was reading my mails, I saw an email with the subject Christmas Sale. Yeehaa! Richwell is doing another sale. Come on, this is the time to shop and shop for the little boy's loots this Christmas. May benefit din pala ang pagiging night shift ko as I can go to the warehouse sale during weekdays. I am pretty sure it'll be jampacked during weekends and hubby might not come with me. Wala akong tagabitbit pag nagkataon.

What a nice way to end the week. Happy weekend everyone!


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