We need your prayers

Hubby has been completely emotionally down for the past two weeks.
At first, his older sister had flu.
She was rushed to the hospital after two days.
She had dengue na pala.

Then just right when his sister was about to be discharge, his brother (the pedia) had flu as well.
He drag himself to the hospital and found out that he, too, has dengue.

At writing, hubby is constantly texting me to pray for his brother.
He doesn't want to think that it's a 50/50 situation.
Though the case is something serious.
The brother is currently in the ICU.

Their whole family is in the hospital now.
Well, except for me who is at work and the little boy who is snoring beside my parents.

Please help me pray for his speedy recovery.
It pains me to see hubby in pain.

*At this writing, the brother was transferred to Asian Hospital.
He is still inside the ICU undergoing dialysis.
He had CT scan as well as one of his eyes doesn't respond anymore.

FIL went to Sto NiƱo church in Muntinlupa to ask for a mass for the brother.
He lost words when he saw the list is full.
Guess who's name is on the list?
The brother. (I think those were from his patients.)
We were very touched.

I am in search for B+ blood.
The hospital doesn't accept blood from Red Cross.
The hospital is very, very specific (and maarte, I guess).


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