Getting addicted

to Twilight Series. I got interested when I saw Abie's post about it. I downloaded e-books of the whole series. I got the time to read Twilight though just last night. Argh! I got hooked immediately. I'm in the middle of Whole Moon now and hopefully I got to finish this before my shift ends. Gawd! I can't even sleep because of this. Hahaha!

I'm itching to look for spoiler over the net if Bella will be a vampire soon but I'm resisting the urge. Bwahaha! I've got to see the movie by hook or by crook.

*Bummer, I wasn't able to go to Richwell Sale as I was in dreamland this afternoon. The husband didn't woke me up. I got envy with Jody's loots though my kid is a boy. I just hope I can still have time to go there. Anyways, the sale will be up to December 23.


One response to “Getting addicted”

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November 16, 2008 at 12:54 AM

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