Artscow photobook

frontWhere art thou? Let me rant about this photobook I’ve been waiting for. This was supposed to be our gift for Matty’s (hubby’s cousin’s firstborn) first birthday last December 17. I submitted the design and paid Artscow last November 24. They emailed me that the book is already in transit December 1. Since they said the shipping takes 8-12 business days (with 3-4 extra business days), I expect to have the book before the birthday party.

The party is done but the book is still not around. I even emailed them asking for tracking number but the heck, they do not have one. Gawd! This already made me pissed off. I even plan to get another one as Claire’s guestbook on her first birthday but I don’t want to get into trouble again.

Until now, it has been a month already after they shipped the book, the book is still nowhere to be found. I don’t know what to feel. Should I still hope to see this book? Oh well…


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