Wednesday Happy thoughts

wednesday happy thoughts

1. No more sleepless nights. Done for the round the clock nebulization of Claire. She’s 100% well now.

2. Enough supply of milk for Claire. No matter how stressed or how tired I am, still able to express milk good for her one day consumption.

3. Bonus(es) and pay check time.

4. No single cough or colds for the husband and I. We need to be in tip top shape. In short, bawal magkasakit.

5. Remember this. We finally got it yesterday. The post office was claiming it was their third notice to us to claim the book. Oh yeah! The book was with them since December 21st. That’s how you call government service, huh?

6. Joshua’s turning four in less than two months. Funds are being prepared for his simple school party. Plus, his birthday wish. Calling Daddy, take charge of the gift, alright.

7. Lastly, God’s presence. No matter how down we are for the past weeks, we still feel that He loves us.

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One response to “Wednesday Happy thoughts”

Kerslyn said...
January 27, 2010 at 4:34 PM

sa wakas, natanggap na rin!

my happy thoughts will be posted later. :-)